Handwritten Yellow Letters for Real Estate Investors & Brokers

If you’re in the business of buying and selling homes, yellow letters is one of the the most effective forms of connecting with buyers.

Our yellow letters are handwritten by real people and mailed in hand addressed, colored envelopes with live, hand-affixed stamps. This results in a highly personalized campaign that gets results.

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handwritten yellow letters

99% Open Rate

Most promotional mail your prospect is used to receiving is either sent in boring window envelopes or glossy envelopes covered in flashy graphics. Yellow letter mail stands out because it´s mailed in hand addressed envelopes. So your letter looks like it came from a friend, not a faceless company.

Instantly Stands Out

Once your prospect opens the letter, your message instantly stands out because it looks like it was personally written just for the them. Our yellow letters are written on yellow legal pad paper with real handwriting and colored ink.

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