99.2% Open Rate with Handwritten Envelopes

The average American receives 41 pounds of direct mail a year. And most of that is sent either in flashy, graphic laden envelopes or standard windowed envelopes with the recipient´s address printed on. Most people trash this kind of mail!

Handwritten envelopes achieve a 99.2% open rate because it looks like personal correspondance and is impossible to ignore.

Our enthusiastic writers hand address every single envelope in bright, contrasting ink. We also hand write the return address on the front or back of the envelope if requested.

handwritten envelope

real stamps
Real Stamps

Many studies show that live stamps outperform indica mail (printed-on stamps). We use real stamps and hand affix each one, which gives the effect of an individually mailed letter.

 choice of handwritten envelopes
Choice of Envelopes

Nothing stands out like a red envelope among a pile of window envelopes, especially when it’s not the standard size most direct mailers use.

With our stationary, you can send white, yellow, blue or red letters in a variety of sizes.

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