Why you should use a personal approach when launching a new business

A Personal Approach to your New Business Launch


Launching a new business can be both an exciting and stressful experience, especially for new business owners.

The concern of if your products or services will be good enough to attract and keep clientele can be overwhelming.

The simplest way of connecting with new customers is by using a personal approach when communicating with them.

Here’s why using a personal approach to launch your new business works and how to use it to attract your new customers.

A Personal Approach Gives Customers Confidence when buying from you

As a new business, your products and services will need to earn the trust of new customers. To turn a new customer into a repeat client, you must make sure that they have a good buying experience.

As you look for promotional ideas to get the word out about your new business, consider sending handwritten letters instead of a traditionally printed letter.

This personal approach to communicating with new customers will grab their attention the moment they open the envelope and will keep their attention long enough to peak their interests in your products and services.

Customers you Get Personal with will refer your Products/Services

The first few months after the launch of your business are important. You must make sure that your customers have a pleasant experience purchasing from you.

You want to keep your customers happy because they can refer your services or products to their friends and family, which can mean an increase in clientele for you.

In a survey conducted by SmallBizTrends.com, 83% of participants said that referrals were the number one way they attracted new customers.

Offering your customers referral rewards like discounts on future purchases, ways to earn points with every purchase or even free products or services are great ways to encourage them to refer your new business.

Using a Personal Approach Builds Lasting Client Relationships

Statistics prove that over 20% of a business’s sales comes from return customers.

For customers to return to buy from you again, not only does your product or service have to work for them but they need to love buying from you.

A great way to delight new customers is to show gratitude for their support. And the best way to show gratitude is with a handwritten thank you note.

Handwritten notes show your customers that their support of your business is valued and that you personally appreciate their purchase.

Your handwritten thank you note should address your customer by name and should make clear why you are sending the note.

This simple act will leave a positive impression on your customers and will influence their decision to pick your products or services over your competitors no matter how new your business is.

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