Why you should send handwritten cards after a company event to increase sales

Why Send Handwritten Cards



In an age of emailing, texting, and posting your thoughts in 140 characters or less, sending handwritten cards has become somewhat of a lost art of communication. Most companies send typed letters, and are now turning to social media to connect and build relationships with their customers.

Although sending emails and using social media is convenient, it doesn’t compare to the positive results and relationship building that happens when you send handwritten cards. If you are looking to increase sales following a company event such as a sale or new product launch, sending a handwritten card after the event will do the trick.

Keep reading to learn why you should send handwritten cards following an event to increase your sales.

Attendees will Feel Appreciated

Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to build lasting customer relationships and to increase sales. When you send handwritten cards to say thank you to attendees following your event, you will demonstrate gratitude. This is something that will be remembered by your client long after your event has concluded. Your card can be a thank you note or even a personalized handwritten letter.

You’ll Receive Support during Future Events

When you send handwritten cards to those who’ve partook in your event, they will feel inclined to support any future events you have as they know their participation will be appreciated. Your handwritten cards should address them by name and should be clear on why you are thanking them. If you plan to host events in the near future, be sure to include a “P.S.” on your card and mention information regarding the event here. This way, your recipient will be aware from ahead of time your event’s scheduled date, making them more likely to support.

Customers will want to Purchase more of your Products or Services

Because attendees will be familiar with your brand following your event and will know the type of benefits your products offer, they will feel comfortable purchasing your products and services. When you send handwritten cards, they will serve as a welcome to your products or services. It’s been said many times on this blog, however, it’s worth repeating – consumers like buying from people more than faceless brands. By offering quality products or services that are useful paired with the appreciation they will feel after receiving your handwritten cards, you will solidify positive customer relationships that will last and contribute to an increase in sales.

You Will Attract New Customers via Referrals

According to statistics, 20% of your sales will come from your return customers. And according to Referral Squirrel, “referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers.” This is why when you send handwritten cards to customers who have attended your event, they will feel so good about your brand that they will share their experience with those who they believe would also be interested in your products or services. And because they are familiar with your brand, they will spread the word about your event which will result in having more attendees at future events and more interest in your brand.

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