What can business owners learn from Taylor Swift’s Handwritten Thank You Notes?

Taylor Swift and Handwritten Notes


Handwritten thank you notes are making a comeback in business and in the way we show appreciation for others. Gratitude is an important tool that can help with building trust and loyalty among customers. Business owners are learning this more today in a time when most of our communication is done electronically. Handwritten thank you notes may be a traditional form of communicating but it is far from dated.

Taylor Swift made headlines over the summer by sending handwritten thank you notes. Her kind gesture left a great impression on her notes recipients and benefited her brand.

Taylor Swift Sends Handwritten Notes to Radio Station Staffers

Pop star Taylor Swift was in the news mid-June of this year for showing appreciation in a classy way. Taylor sent handwritten thank you notes to radio station staffers, and the letters turned up online. In one letter sent to Alex from the Ben and Kelly Show in Louisville, Kentucky it read, “Alex, what a treat it was getting to hang with you backstage. Your costume was so on point and very seldomly do I get asked about chicken nuggets. You’re so sweet to care so much about me. Thank you so much. – Taylor.” Alex met Taylor backstage at one of the singer’s shows and attended the concert dressed as Taylor in her “Blank Space” music video.

In another letter that showed up online which was sent to Spike from Mojo in the Morning Taylor says, “It was so good to get to hang with you and your beautiful girls the other night at my show! Please give Natalie and Nicole hugs for me. I hope those guitar chords came in handy! Thanks for everything.” Spike had brought along his daughters Natalie (13) and Nicole (11) to the Taylor’s concert. According to Spike, Swift showed the girls how to play chords on her guitar and gave them songwriting tips. Besides her sweet handwritten thank you, Taylor included cute hand-drawn doodles on each note.

How to learn from Taylor Swift’s Handwritten Note and apply it to your Marketing Campaign

Taylor Swift may be a recording artist but she is also an international brand. She’s one of the most influential artists in the world who has a solid and devoted fan base that supports anything that has Swift’s name on it. Taylor has learned how to make her fans feel special by saying thank you with a handwritten thank you note.

Like Taylor, business owners should also send personalized handwritten thank you notes to their long-term customers to show them they appreciate their continued support. Taylor has millions of fans but she selected just a few to send notes to. This simple gesture made her recipients of her notes feel appreciated and lucky.

Another thing that made Taylor’s notes standout to those who received them was her including memorable moments from when she and the recipients interacted. She reminded them of their time together and showed gratitude for their support. Business owners should do the same when sending handwritten thank you notes. Let your recipients know why you are saying thank you and mention a small detail from your last interaction with them such as a question they asked or a compliment they gave about your products or services.

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