Why wedding guests prefer handwritten wedding invites

How Handwritten Wedding Invites Will Add a Special Touch to Your Wedding


Individuals who are planning their weddings are returning to basics and are sending out handwritten wedding invites.

Unlike typed invitations, handwritten wedding invites adds a personal touch to social correspondences and can be customized to fit any wedding theme. Martha Stewart Weddings recommends that wedding invitations, and the envelopes they are sent in, be handwritten as doing this is more formal.

Here are a few detailed reasons why your guests will prefer handwritten wedding invites and why you will be happy that you sent them.

Handwritten Wedding Invites are Intimate

A handwritten letter is often viewed as a treat to those who receive them, and the same can be said about handwritten wedding invites. Weddings are intimate events where couples, with their friends and families, celebrate the metaphorical cementing of their relationship. Sending this type of wedding invitation will help add that unique personal touch you crave. And the sight of handwritten words will make your invite closely personal to your recipients.

They Follow Wedding Tradition

If you are looking for a way to infuse traditional concepts into your wedding plans, handwritten wedding invites is a great start. Historically, wedding invitations were always handwritten. This allowed invitations to be personalized specifically to the person who received it. Additionally, handwritten wedding invites are classic and add a touch of elegance. And because they are timeless, you will impress all who receive them. When handwriting your wedding invites you can word your invitation however you like giving you more control over how personally or informally the message appears.

It’s Considered Good Wedding Etiquette

Many experts suggest that wedding invitations, and the envelopes they are sent in, be handwritten as it is considered to be proper wedding etiquette. Though this is rare, some individuals may find it rude to see their names printed on the outside envelope, or on the wedding invitation itself versus it being handwritten. Traditionally, social correspondences, like wedding invitations, were often handwritten while printed correspondences were related to business. Remember, your invitation will set the tone and perception of what your wedding will be like. Being mindful of the fine details will help your dream wedding become a reality.

Your Invites Will Be Seen as Keepsakes

Along with wedding memories, those who receive handwritten wedding invites are most likely to keep your invites as keepsakes. Receiving anything handwritten has become a rarity today when you consider how mail is popularly sent. Handwritten wedding invites can also be viewed as sentimental to the receiver especially if they are a close family member like your grandmother or sibling.

Handwritten wedding invites are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding and better connect with your guests while leaving an impression. Consider sending an invite that is personalized to each of your guests and watch the compliments pour in.

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