How to use personalization to attract new clients in the New Year

Using Personalization to Attract New Clients


As this year comes to a close, many business owners are revising their marketing goals for the New Year. The New Year usually signifies a new start and right now – just before the New Year arrives – is an ideal time to review your business accomplishments as well as areas that may need improvement.

When you do this, you will avoid procrastination and will gain a head start on implementing your new ideas on January 1. If one of your goals for the New Year is to attract new clients, personalization may be what you are looking for. Keep reading to learn why.

Personalization Eliminates Anonymity

When you are trying to attract new clients, anonymity should be avoided. And personalization allows you to introduce your brand to new clientele using familiarity and emphasizing the value they will get from your products. A direct mail veteran who wrote an article for Entrepreneur put it best when he said that “personalization can enhance a consumer’s inclination to read your direct mail piece by creating a sense of familiarity.

For instance, when you take the time to simply address potential clients by their names along with present your products or services in a way that will peak their interests, they will feel obliged to take advantage of your offer. While you should do your best to continue working to keep current clients loyal, you should also spend time coming up with tried-and-true strategies to attract new clients.

How Personalization Can Help You Attract New Clients in the New Year

The first step in using personalization to attract new clients is researching your target market and understanding their needs, wants and how to keep their attention long enough for you to explain the benefits of your products. Additionally, researching your target customer will help you cater your campaign to individuals who are already in the market for a product or service like the one your business offers.

If your potential new clients are unfamiliar with your company, personalization will help you get past difficult first impressions that are typically present when receiving mail from a new brand. You can accomplish this by using certain images, text, language or even colors that have been proven to get their attention. For example, let’s say your research of a potential client tells you that they are a sports fanatic. If you created a direct mailer which included picture of a popular baseball player, your mailer is less likely to end up in the trash and your target customer will more than likely give your mailer a read the moment they retrieve it from their mailbox.

Personalization is an effective tool that can help draw in new clientele when implemented in realistic marketing strategies. Many businesses have benefited from this useful marketing tool and so can yours in the New Year.

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