How you can use handwritten letters to attract and keep first-time customers

Using Handwritten Letters to Attract and Keep New Customers


Many business owners understand the power of handwritten letters. This is why they are confident when using this effective way of communication in their direct mail campaigns. The reason using handwritten letters results in successful campaigns is simple, they help humanize brands.

A study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) showed that personalizing direct mail can lift your response rates by 30%-50%.

With these numbers, it’s no wonder many business owners and professionals are trading in typed fonts for handwritten material.

For many, it’s easy to get new customers but the struggle comes with getting them to return. Handwritten letters can be the solution.

Here are some ways you can use handwritten letters to attract first-time customers and keep them coming back.

Send Handwritten Letters to Potential Clients Using a Targeted Mailing List

Many business owners acquire new clients by sending direct mail material to individuals who are on a targeted mailing list. Creating a mailing list that consists of a precise target market is essential in connecting with new customers. And sending a handwritten letter introducing your company and the benefit your product or service offers, will make an impact on the recipient resulting in them taking notice of your brand. When you send your handwritten letter, be sure to address the recipient by their first and last name.

Include Special Offers to First-Time Clients When you Send your Handwritten Letter

Another effective way of acquiring new clients and keeping them happy is by offering special offers with your handwritten letter. Your special offer should be exclusive to your first-time client. It’s most effective when they receive it soon after making their first purchase. Rewarding your customer’s business will make them feel like more than just a number on your list of clients. This will also assist with brand loyalty allowing them to prefer your company over your competitors. To help your special offer standout, handwrite the offer on a personalized custom sticky note so that it doesn’t get overlooked.

Send Personalized Correspondences with your Handwritten Letters during the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to strengthen client relationships. Handwritten letters are especially beneficial to your brand during this time as it adds a personal touch to your correspondence. Include a handwritten holiday card for direct mail campaigns that are held around the holidays. Your new clients will appreciate the thought you put into communicating with them in a festive way. This will also demonstrate that your company doesn’t just have a strict business attitude but that you also sincerely care about your customers.

Include a handwritten signature

Handwritten letters can feel personal to the recipient. Adding a handwritten signature to your handwritten letter will give it an added personal touch. A handwritten signature is authentic and makes your new client perceive your handwritten letter as a letter sent uniquely to them. This is a great way to help build client loyalty, and loyal clients make great recommenders.

Handwritten letters can be used in a variety of ways to attract and keep first-time customers. When a first-time customer receives a handwritten letter, they will feel like they are dealing with actual people and not a faceless business. Consider hand-addressing your correspondence’s to your new clients and watch them consistently return for your products and services.

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