How to regain the trust of unhappy clients using handwritten services

The Reason you May Have Unhappy Clients


According to statistics, 89% of consumers began doing business with a brand’s competitor following a poor customer experience. Unfortunately, as a business owner you will or have experienced unhappy clients.

A client’s dissatisfaction can be a result of your product not performing as expected or your level of customer service.

Whatever the scenario, there are ways you can regain trust among unhappy clients. Here are a few steps you can take to turn your unhappy clients’ frowns into smiles again with the help of handwritten services.

Step 1: Listen to & Understand Your Unhappy Clients

Research has shown that 60% of consumers believe businesses have not increased their focus on providing good customer service. With that said, know that you are not alone when it comes to improving positive relationships with your clients. The benefit of knowing these stats puts you ahead of other brands who are struggling to keep clients happy and loyal. You can change this by simply listening to your client’s complaints as to why they are displeased with your product or level of service and empathizing with their frustration. Doing this demonstrates to your customer that you are concerned with their dissatisfaction and are onboard with improving their purchasing experience with you.

Step 2: Offer a Solution via Handwritten Letter

Utilizing handwritten services to offer solutions to unhappy clients is a great way to rebuild trust and increase appreciation. Because consumers rarely receive handwritten letters, they notice when brands take the time to hand-address mailings. If you listened to your unhappy clients and understand why they are unhappy with your product or service, they may have already suggested what they would like for you to do to fix the situation. If your customer has offered up suggestions on how they would like you to fix their displeasure with your product or service, give it some consideration. If you are unable to accommodate their suggested solution, propose an alternative solution. Once this is determined, send them a handwritten letter, including the proposed solution, and address it specifically to them. This will assist in rebuilding client loyalty and reestablishing trust.

Step 3: Welcome Negative Feedback in the Form of a Custom Sticky Note

On your handwritten letter, consider attaching a custom sticky note requesting feedback. Try not to fear negative feedback because it can help improve your product and service and avoid dealing with unhappy clients in the future. Sticky notes are known to grab the attention of mail recipients because it symbolizes an important note or reminder. Including short text pointing them to a personalized URL that will survey them on how you could have made their customer experience better, will let them know that you value their opinion and business. Utilizing this handwritten service is also perfect in handwritten letters to first-time customers.

Step 4 Send a Handwritten Thank You Letter along with a Special Offer or Gift

If you followed the steps above, then your chances of turning unhappy clients into happy clients again would have been a success so congratulations! A good sign that you’ve regained trust among unhappy clients is if they make a purchase with you again. Once they do this, be sure to send them a handwritten thank you note. Your clients will appreciate your handwritten thank you notes because it will succeed at illustrating your gratitude. As a bonus, you can include a special offer or gift as a reward to them.

As you can see, regaining the trust of unhappy clients is possible. If you are dealing with unhappy clients and would like to repair your relationship and keep them loyal, consider following the steps above and expect positive results.

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