The top 5 events you should be sending handwritten invitations for

Why Handwritten Invitations Work?


Handwritten invitations are becoming the go-to source for inviting guests to events.

The time and energy that goes into creating handwritten invitations are being appreciated by those who are on the receiving end of them. While there are many events that call for handwritten invitations, there are five events in particular that stand out the most for benefiting from hand-addressed invites.

Here are five events you should be sending handwritten invitations for.


Weddings, whether big or small, are the perfect event for handwritten invitations because they represent how personal of an event your guests will be attending. You can personalize each invitation so that the recipient receives a message that is unique to them. You can follow etiquette rules here and hand-address everything from the invitation to the envelope that it will arrive in. Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of renowned etiquette guru Emily Post, also suggests that you make sure “that the addresses are handwritten, as it is much more personal for such a special invitation.” Be sure to send a handwritten thank you note to everyone who attended and gave you gifts following the big day.


Handwritten invitations are usually the preferred way to contact donors and participants leading up to your fundraiser. This type of handwritten invitation will help start your relationship on the right foot with those who attend. It will also show that you pay special attention to detail and are personable. Much like the suggestion given above regarding what to do after a wedding, sending a handwritten thank you note to all who attended as well as participated in your fundraiser is a great way to follow up. Doing this will demonstrate your gratitude for their attendance and will help build a good rapport, motivating them to attend future fundraisers hosted by you.

Holiday Parties

Whether it’s for a holiday party during holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day – handwritten invitations for holiday parties will leave a positive impression among your guests and will set the tone for your party. Handwritten invitations work great for special and formal holiday parties. You can use your handwritten invitations to inform party guests of your party’s dress code along with any other useful information regarding the party.

Anniversary Celebrations

From celebrating a wedding anniversary to anniversaries commemorating a company’s inception, sending a handwritten invitation for events like these will be a welcomed surprise. Besides being a personal way to invite guests to your special event, your handwritten invitation can double as a keepsake.

Baby Showers

Sending out handwritten invites for an upcoming baby shower is an excellent way to jumpstart the festive event. If you’re baby shower is scheduled for after the birth of your baby, you can also send out a handwritten birth announcement along with a photo before the actual baby shower. Much like handwritten invitations for anniversary celebrations, your baby shower invite can be treasured as a keepsake that you can add to your son/daughters baby book.

As you can see, handwritten invitations are not a thing of the past although the perception of them may be classic. In fact, it is very much used today to invite guests to special events while making them feel special in the process. Consider sending a handwritten invite for your next event and give your invitation a memorable flare.

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