The 4 best ways to increase response rates in your next direct mail marketing campaign

Increasing Response Rates


An increase in response rates is always a benefit for a company. When you increase response rates you will see an increase in your sales, and this will help grow your company.

Besides an increase in sales, an increase in direct mail response rates can translate into more customers which means there is more opportunity for you to build positive customer relationships. And those positive customer relationships can transform into loyalty in your company.

Help increase your response rates in your next direct mail marketing campaign with these four tips.

Handwrite Teaser Copy on the Front of your Envelope

Hand-addressing the envelopes that you send to your customers will help you make a lasting first impression. Seeing handwriting on mail instantly gets the attention of mail recipients, reducing your chances of your envelope being tossed out unread. With this said, teaser copy is a great addition to a hand-addressed envelope as it will assist with sparking even more curiosity in your potential customer resulting in an increase in response rates. Your handwritten teaser should be brief and attention-grabbing. Promising an incentive that awaits them inside of the envelope can be very effective.

Include Incentives with your Direct Mail

Incentives are good for building trust in new customers unfamiliar with your company and to increase response rates. Your incentives can be in the form of a free offer, free trial-service or even a complimentary consultation. If it fits your brand, include instant incentives like coupon codes in the envelope you send to potential clients. Whatever your incentive is, be sure to attach an expiration date. The goal is to increase response rates. So when your customer sees the incentive, you want for them to act on it the moment they’ve received it. Attaching an expiration date to incentives is an excellent way to increase direct mail response rates.

Send Personalized Handwritten Letters to Increase Response Rates

Personalized handwritten letters have been proven to be more effective at connecting with new customers and getting them to respond. There are other factors which determine the likelihood that a potential client will respond to your direct mail such as your product or service’s relevance to their lives; however, a great way to make a connection and increase response rates is with a personalized handwritten letter. How can you personalize your letter? First, be sure to address the recipient by their name. Then, throughout your letter address the recipient by “you.” They will feel as if you are speaking directly to them and will be more engaged in what you have to offer.

Make your Call-to-Action easy to Understand & Complete

This is very important for business owners who want to increase response rates. It’s vital that you make your call-to-action simple so that it doesn’t seem like a hassle to your customer to complete. Our goal is to get your customer to receive your letter, open it, read it, then act on whatever it is that you want them to do. Whether it is to call a specific number for more information, to purchase a product or service, take a survey or subscribe to a newsletter, be sure to make the process as simple as possible. If your call-to-action fails to be simple to understand and complete, your customer may put your mail down with plans to take care of it later, increasing the chances of them never responding. The best places to put your call-to-action is near the conclusion of your letter, in a P.S. or on a yellow sticky note.

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