How to use personalization to attract new clients in the New Year

Using Personalization to Attract New Clients As this year comes to a close, many business owners are revising their marketing goals for the New Year. The New Year usually signifies a new start and right now – just before the New Year arrives – is an ideal time to review your business accomplishments as well … Continued

Losing clients? How to win them back using this popular strategy

The Secret to Stop Losing Clients Losing clients as a business owner can be a tough experience. There are many articles around the web about how to attract new clients to your business. Very few of those articles give advice on how to win back those clients if they decide to no longer do business … Continued

How to know if personalization is right for your direct mail campaign

  Personalization in Direct Mail Campaigns Business owners and marketing professionals are always looking for fresh new ways to draw in consumers. Many are turning to personalization to do just that. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to making a positive impact on consumers can be beneficial especially if you are in a … Continued

How to use personalization in direct mail for best results

Personalization & Direct Mail If you are unfamiliar with personalization, it is a form of direct marketing that helps to keep the attention of consumers long enough to deliver your message via direct mail. How does it work? Personalization is used in the message text along with the images that are included in direct mail … Continued

What is personalization and how can it improve your direct mail campaign?

Why Add Personalization to your Direct Mail Campaign? Personalization has been working successfully for businesses that implement it in their direct mail campaigns. If you have any doubts regarding how effective personalization is, take this report done by market research firm Infotrends into consideration. In their study, they compared response rates β€œto a range of … Continued