Focus on Nurturing: Writing the perfect thank you

Thanking clients for their business is an art. You don’t want your handwritten thank you card to come off sounding like a form letter and you certainly don’t want it to sound like you’re sucking up. How do you strike the right balance? How do you make a thank you letter sound sincere and genuine … Continued

Research: Sending handwritten thank you notes builds customer loyalty

Sending Handwritten Thank You Notes Business owners are learning the value in sending handwritten thank you notes. Mailing customers handwritten thank you notes will not only build interest in your brand but will also increase customer loyalty. Studies and research proves this with businesses flourishing by simply telling their customers thank you. Let’s take a … Continued

Why handwritten thank you notes will increase client loyalty

The Value of Handwritten Thank You Notes When it comes to planning a marketing campaign, standing out from your competitors is important. Handwritten thank you notes are becoming the go-to option for business owners looking to standout from their competition. Experts agree that sending handwritten thank you notes can help with customer retention which can lead to … Continued

Why sending handwritten thank you notes to clients will keep them coming back

Handwritten  Thank You Notes Are Essential For Customer Retention Handwritten thank you notes have been proven to improve customer relations and brand loyalty. Attracting new clients can sometimes be the primary focus of business owners looking to expand their brands. But statistics have proven that an increase in sales and brand growth is due to … Continued