Research: Increasing customer satisfaction with automation in business

Automation and Customer Satisfaction Automation has become a topic of interest for busy business owners who want to improve customer satisfaction. The process of automation is important to business because it maintains consistent communication between customers and brands. Though there are positive aspects to automation, many experts don’t appreciate how automation can be impersonal. Today … Continued

Study: How effective are handwritten envelopes on open rates?

Handwritten Envelopes and Open Rates The envelope is the first contact your customers make with your direct mail. It has been proven that when you send your mail in handwritten envelopes you increase your response rates by up to 300%. Handwritten envelopes are significant to all marketing campaigns regardless of industry. What follows are the … Continued

Research: Handwritten mail performs the best in marketing campaigns for new customers

Handwritten Mail and New Customers Many business owners turn to handwritten mail when planning their marketing campaigns. If they are looking to connect with potential new customers, they know that handwritten mail is the best way to do this due to the friendly perception of handwritten mailings. The statistics support these findings with several case … Continued

Research – Proof you can Increase Open Rates by Hand Addressing Envelopes

Hand-Addressing Envelopes and Open Rates When you hand-address envelopes for your direct mail campaign, your customers both existing and new take notice. Handwritten mail may be one of the oldest forms of communication but far from dated. Many companies are going back to basics when figuring out ways to increase their open rates, with most ditching … Continued

Research – Why Handwritten Mail makes it Easier to Connect with Clients

How Handwritten Mail Works Handwritten mail is one of the most personable ways to connect with clients. The perception of handwritten mail is positive and gives the recipient the impression they are receiving mail from a friend. Many marketing professionals and small business owners have put handwritten mail to the test in their campaigns and … Continued

How to thank your clients after a sale using handwritten mail

Why you should send handwritten mail after a sale Although making a sale is an essential step in growing a business, return clients are just as important. Handwritten mail is a great way to insure that customers remain happy and return to purchase from you in the future. Here are four examples of how you … Continued

4 benefits your business will experience using handwritten mail

  Why Handwritten Mail Works In the age of emails, text messages and social media feeds, it’s no surprise why handwritten mail still has a positive impact on individuals. In general, it’s rare today for people to receive handwritten mail, even from close relatives. So you can imagine how rare it is for them to … Continued