Incredibly effective ways you can use handwritten envelopes to increase your response rates

Why Handwritten Envelopes? Handwritten envelopes have proven to increase response rates and a company’s overall sales. The reason for this is simple: the most important ingredient to a successful direct mail campaign relies on the effectiveness of the envelope it arrives in. Think of it this way – if your envelope fails to grab your … Continued

Personalized handwritten envelopes and how your business will benefit from using them

How Personalized Handwritten Envelopes will Benefit Your Business Personalized handwritten envelopes are a great tool used in many successful direct mail campaigns. No matter what products or service you offer, personalized handwritten materials such as envelopes can improve business. One of the reasons why handwritten mailings are so effective is because it gives the recipient … Continued

How to use handwritten envelopes to help build a client list you can be proud of

Using Handwritten Envelopes to Build Your Client List Today’s business owners and marketing professionals better understand the power of handwritten envelopes. With the goal of connecting with their clients, brands are going back to basics and are sending their direct mailers tucked in hand addressed envelopes. Other professionals still question if handwritten letters make a … Continued