Research: Creating customer loyalty with handwritten mail

Customer Loyalty and Handwritten Mail Customer loyalty is important to a company’s success. While gaining new customers should be a priority for business owners, cultivating your existing customer’s loyalty is just as important. It’s been said a few times in our blogs, but it is worth repeating. Part of a company’s sales, 20% to be … Continued

Research: Handwritten mail that gets the best results in direct mail campaigns

Handwritten Mail and Direct Mail Campaigns Studies have confirmed that including handwritten mail in direct mail campaigns can significantly increase response rates. The personable appeal this mail provides differs from printed mail. Customers respond positively to mail that is handwritten and sending it can also speed up the time it takes for customers to respond. … Continued

Research: Handwritten direct mail attracts higher responses than other direct mail methods

Handwritten Direct Mail in Marketing For a number of years, handwritten direct mail has been helping business owners improve brand loyalty and trust. Today, electronic communications have become the preferred method of communicating with customers due to its convenience; but according to research, mail recipients respond better to personalized handwritten mail. What’s more, is that … Continued

Attracting new Customers: Creative ways to promote your products and services to new customers

Attracting New Customers Using Creative Methods To stay fresh in the minds of new customers, business owners have to think outside of the box. Using creative promotional techniques is the perfect way to attract new customers and to encourage them to learn more about your products or services. Are you interested in using creative strategies in your … Continued

4 ways handwritten direct mail can grow your brand in 2015

Using Handwritten Direct Mail in the New Year With 2015 just around the corner, many business owners are thinking of ways to grow their brand in the New Year and are turning to handwritten direct mail to get the job done. Whether you are looking to cement relationships with current customers or are interested in … Continued

Hand addressed direct mail creative and cheap ways to increase ROI

Hand Addressed Direct Mail how handwritten direct mail can boost ROI without costing you an arm and a leg Spam side effect is nearly eliminated with Hand Addressed Direct Mail marketing. We all are familiar with spam. We dealt with it, we get it, and continue to battle it. As consumers become more aware and … Continued