Using hand addressed envelopes to increase response rates

Use Hand Addressed Envelopes to Increase Your Response Rates Business owners and professionals are discovering the power of hand addressed envelopes. The envelope is the first-thing recipients see, and judgment begins the moment your letter is picked up by the recipient. According to a study, it takes only 3 minutes for your mail to be … Continued

Why your competitors prefer personalized handwritten services ( And why you should too!)

Personalized Handwritten Services & How It Will Help Your Direct Mail Campaign Have you ever wondered what personalized handwritten services could do for your business? If you are reading this, chances are you have researched your competitors in every area of their business and know a bit about how and what they offer to their customers. … Continued

Hand addressed direct mail creative and cheap ways to increase ROI

Hand Addressed Direct Mail how handwritten direct mail can boost ROI without costing you an arm and a leg Spam side effect is nearly eliminated with Hand Addressed Direct Mail marketing. We all are familiar with spam. We dealt with it, we get it, and continue to battle it. As consumers become more aware and … Continued