The #1 Mistake You’re Making in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

So you came up with a really great idea for a direct mailer. You did the market research, narrowed down your target audience, hired a great copywriting and design team to create the mailer for you, and shelled out a small fortune to get them sent off. Then you sat back and waited for the … Continued

How to launch a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor

Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors Launching a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor can seem like a lot of work, but work that is well worth the effort. Direct mail can work for you if you plan your campaigns efficiently and stay consistent throughout the process. Doing this will get you the … Continued

How to use personalization in direct mail for best results

Personalization & Direct Mail If you are unfamiliar with personalization, it is a form of direct marketing that helps to keep the attention of consumers long enough to deliver your message via direct mail. How does it work? Personalization is used in the message text along with the images that are included in direct mail … Continued

5 ways to use personalized custom sticky notes to improve your direct mail campaign

Creative Ways To Use Personalized Custom Sticky Notes On Direct Mail Personalized custom sticky notes are quickly becoming the trusty sidekick in successful direct mail campaigns. Individuals use post-its daily both professionally and leisurely so it’s no surprise why they take notice of custom sticky notes. When sticky notes are included in mailers, they contribute to … Continued