Survey – Handwritten post-it notes doubles response rates by 75%


Handwritten post-it notes have been the secret weapon in direct mail campaigns for many years.
Often used to call attention to important information or to present special offers, just the presence of personalized post-it notes can increase the response rates in your campaign.

Noted in the book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, author Robert Cialdini spotlights a survey that used handwritten post-it notes to increase response rates. Keep reading to learn the results of the experiment.

Handwritten Post-It Notes Doubles Response Rates by 75%

In the advertising book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, there are several tips printed on how to get people to say yes to your offers by being more persuasive. Consumers have confirmed across the board they dislike the feeling of being sold something and respond better to offers that relate to them and offers they believe will make their lives better.

In Cialdini’s book, one case involving a mailed survey and handwritten post-it note is mentioned. The surveys were mailed with printed cover letters. All the recipients received the same printed letters with their surveys; however, one group received the plain printed cover letter, another received the printed letter with a handwritten message, and the final group received the printed letter with a post-it note that had a message handwritten on it.

The survey’s that were mailed with the printed cover letters and handwritten post-it notes received a 75% response rate, more than double the responses than the other methods. The plain printed cover letter received a 36% response rate while the printed letter with the handwritten message resulted in a 48% response rate.

In another study, Garner (2005) tested the impact of attaching handwritten post-it notes to survey materials. The results were that the notes doubled the response rates by 76% compared to the 36% with no post-it note. Including the post-it note on the survey also had a positive effect on the timeliness of survey responses.

Including Handwritten Post-It Notes on Direct Mail to Increase Response Rates

Handwritten post-it notes work best when messages are personalized. Including the recipient’s name or thanking them for their interests or future purchase can have a big impact on how they view your offer and how quickly they act.

Also, using handwritten post-it notes to include your call-to-action is a great way to make sure that your message doesn’t go unnoticed. Post-it notes are often used when for important notes or as reminders. Because of this perception, recipients will take notice of your mail quicker than if a post-it note were not on your correspondence. This is why it’s crucial that your message be of value.

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