Study: The positive effects of handwritten mail on customer satisfaction

The Connection Between Handwritten Mail and Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is when a customer believes a company’s products or services exceeds their specified satisfaction goals. When a customer has a good buying experience, they see no reason to stop buying from you and refer your business to their friends, family, and associates. In a competitive marketplace where businesses are going head-to-head hoping to draw in more customers, standing out is essential, and handwritten mail will get you closer to your customer satisfaction goals.

How Handwritten Mail Improves Customer Satisfaction

Often sent by friends and family, some believe handwritten mail to be a lost art. Because many businesses rely on printed mail to communicate with customers, sending handwritten mail will help you build connections with customers who will appreciate your genuine style of communicating.

The more personalized handwritten mail is the better. Personalizing mail can be as simple as referring to the recipient by their name or using images or even language that’s as relevant to them as possible. Handwritten mail helps businesses touch on their clients’ emotions in a way that instant communication tools are still working to duplicate.


As mentioned in a case study about Feed the Children and their use of hand-addressed thank you notes, Larry Correa (Vice President and chief information officer for the organization in Oklahoma) explained how sending Christmas cards to their top donors has resulted in a higher response rate. They mailed about 100,000 people and received a 15% response rate. Correa not only credits the handwritten thank you notes for increasing his customer’s satisfaction (which translated to higher response rates), he also believes the handwritten envelopes the notes arrived in and the handwritten P.S. in the letters helped.

In a study that compared the psychological impact of sending and receiving letters versus emails, one participant said, “there is just something much more exciting and engaging about opening a letter than an email.” Another focus group member added that “emails are cheap and easy to access. Letters you have to work at opening and unfolding, and as such you pay more attention – you’ve invested more.”

How Handwritten Mail Positively Affects Customer Satisfaction

Handwritten mail is versatile and has the capabilities to be used in all customer satisfaction strategies from attracting customers to retaining their business.

This type of mail can be used to show gratitude and appreciation to new and existing customers as a handwritten thank you note. And they can also be used to apologize for a negative experience your customer may have had with your business. Mistakes happen and customers appreciate when a business can admit when one has been made. Beyond fixing the error, saying sorry with a personalized handwritten letter will be perceived as sincere and can help strengthen the bonds between you and your clients.

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