Study: Sending holiday cards will increase customer retention in business

Holiday Cards and Customer Retention


It’s the holiday season which means this is the opportune time to send customers holiday cards. Studies have proven that 20% of a business’s sales come from their existing customers. So it’s important to show your existing customers appreciation to keep their business. Sending holiday cards is an efficient way of doing this and here’s why.

Why Sending Holiday Cards Improves Customer Retention

Sending personalized holiday cards may be a traditional marketing tool, but it’s far from dated. Consumers have confirmed that receiving holiday cards help them to form a positive perception of brands and the cards influences their decision to buy from that brand. In an article titled “Relationship Marketing Strategies In The Knowledge Society,” brand perception is explained.

According to the writer, a positive brand perception has a lot to do with the customer’s satisfaction with that brand and its products. Communication with customers is also noted as having a positive effect on brand perception and “can be accomplished through systematic communication with the customer base, which, on its turn, influences the final result. Such consolidation actions can include birthday cards, holiday cards, and newsletters on the new available products, invitations to various events, training sessions and workshops.”

Another reason holiday cards help with customer retention is because sending them shows that you care about your customers. In a CBS news article, Jacqueline Whitmore, author of Poised for Success: Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Individuals suggests that “email greetings are not as effective. They can be deleted by mistake or can wind up in the spam filter. Cards leave a lasting impression and let others know you’re thinking about them.”

How your Holiday Cards Can Maintain Your Relationship With Customers


When you send holiday cards to customers you’ll be setting your business apart from your competitors. Around the holiday season, companies focus their attention on gaining new clientele by offering targeted sales and promotions. This takes away some of the focus needed to show customers both longtime and new sincere appreciation. The reason sending holiday cards to customers works is that it is unexpected. Because they are already in a holiday mood, they’ll find your gesture to be genuine and thoughtful.

A study conducted to examine the effectiveness of holiday cards confirmed that holiday cards can maintain relationships. According to the findings, “One type of introspective RCCU that may bridge physical absence, and serve to maintain relationship continuity, is the holiday greeting card and letter. Holiday greeting cards may function to maintain relationships in two ways, first, by establishing mediated contact between individuals and, second, by a physical object that exists, remains, and reminds individuals of the existence of their relationship (Sigman, 1991).”

Etiquette Tips for Sending Holiday Cards to Customers

As you prepare to send holiday cards to your customers, keep these three etiquette tips in mind.

  1. Send timely holiday greetings
    The last thing you want is for your holiday cards to be received after the holidays are over. During this part of the year, many people are sending gifts, cards and letters so postal services will be inundated with mailings. So get your cards in the mail on time so that they get to your customers before the holidays.
  2. Personalize your holiday cards
    Individuals respond well to handwritten and personalized holiday cards. They’ll appreciate the time it takes to handwrite a personalized message and will feel special knowing it was sent specifically to them.
  3. Keep cards generic
    It’s best to keep your cards simple for your greeting. Not everyone celebrates the same holidays during the holiday season so instead of wishing your customers a Merry Christmas, it’s best to go with Happy Holidays so it applies to everyone and offends no one.

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