Study: Including handwritten post-it notes in direct mail will increase response rates

Handwritten Post-It Notes and Direct Mail


The studies are out, adding handwritten post-it notes to your direct mail is in, and doing so is one of the most effective ways to grab your customers’ attentions. While the information you offer in direct mail is important, your mail needs that added appeal to get your recipient’s attention. Individuals face thousands of messages every day, so it’s your job to make sure that yours stands out from the rest. Using handwritten post-it notes in your direct mail will increase response rates and the below study proves this.

Studies Prove Handwritten Post-It Notes increase response rates

When attached to direct mail, handwritten post-it notes does the job of getting you the attention you want. Anecdotal reports have confirmed that using handwritten post-it notes can increase response rates significantly. In the above report, the post-it notes were added to questionnaires to increase responses, and the notes were a success.

In a separate study done in a university setting, 150 full-time faculty members were randomly selected to take part in a survey created to test certain aspects of the university’s climate. The faculty members were split into three groups. Group A received handwritten post-it notes attached to their packets. The message that appeared on the handwritten post-it notes read, “Please take a few minutes to complete this for us. Thank You!”

The handwritten request was copied directly from the instruction page included in a cover letter that accompanied the survey. So the note just highlighted the information that was already provided to all the groups. In Group B, all the packets were the same as the before mentioned group, except this group did not have handwritten post-it notes attached to their packets. The handwritten message (that appeared on the handwritten post-it note) appeared at the upper right-hand corner of their cover letters. Group C received the same packet as Group A and Group B, but did not receive a post-it note or a handwritten message on their cover letters.

The results showed that something as simple as a note written on a small yellow paper can have a big impact on the amount of packets that were returned. The individuals in Group A that received their packets with sticky handwritten post-it notes affixed to them, returned their surveys significantly more than the other groups that received the packets without the sticky notes. Here are the figures: “Thirty-eight of the 50 participants in the Post-it group (76%) returned the survey, as compared to 24 of the 50 participants (48%) in the written-only group and 18 of the 50 participants (36%) in the no-message control group.”

How to use Handwritten Post-It Notes on your Direct Mail

Handwritten post-it notes make great additions to direct mail because of the curiosity they spark. Often associated with containing important information or for reminders, post-it notes are used daily in American homes and offices. A great place to include handwritten post-it notes are on envelopes. You can stick handwritten post-it notes on the outside of your handwritten envelopes and include a personal message on them. This can be an added tactic used to get your recipient’s attention.

Because your envelope will have a note attached to it, (a feature that other envelopes in their mailbox likely won’t have) they’ll feel inclined to read it and open the envelope to see what you’ve included inside. You can also include your handwritten post-it note on the direct mail itself to offer important information or to direct your customers to the most important part of your mail which should be your call-to-action.

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