Why sending personal holiday cards will increase sales this holiday season

Why Send Personal Holiday Cards?


The perception of personal holiday cards is one that brings holiday cheer and warmth to those who receive them. Many brands are turning to holiday cards as a creative business strategy to help build long-lasting relationships and brand recognition. Here are a few reasons why sending personal holiday cards will increase your sales this holiday season.

Personal Holiday Cards Demonstrate Thoughtfulness

Sending personal holiday cards to your clients will show them that you genuinely care. It will also demonstrate your gratitude for their business and your appreciation for their loyalty to your brand. Above all else, holiday cards strengthen customer and business relationships. You can send personal holiday cards around the Christmas season or right before the New Year. Just as we suggested in our previous blog post, it is best to keep your card generic and wish your clients “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” since many of your clients may not celebrate the same holiday. Another thing to keep in mind about holiday cards and why they can increase sales, is that they can double as a keepsake that your client will pick up and read as often as they like further keeping your brand fresh on their minds.

Sending Holiday Cards is a Great Way to Introduce or Reintroduce a Product or Service & Present Them as Gift Ideas

If you would like your clients to keep your products or services in mind when thinking of gift ideas for the holidays, send them personal holiday cards that mention your products or services and the benefits they offer that’s relative to their lives. Your clients will be searching for gift ideas for friends and family and if they benefited from your product or service they are more than likely to recommend or even purchase what you are offering for their loved ones. Statistics have confirmed that a consistent percentage of a business’s sales comes from return customers. So with this in mind remind your clients in a festive way how useful your product is by sending holiday cards that detail why your products or services will make great gifts for the holidays.

Your Holiday Cards Can Help Your Business Reconnect with Lost Clientele

If you are looking for ways to win back lost clientele, personal holiday cards are a great way to do this effectively. If a client experienced bad customer service or dissatisfaction with your product, sending a holiday card will show that you care about rebuilding a relationship with them. As an added bonus, you can include a special offer in your holiday card as an incentive along with a personal message addressed to them. For example, something simple like, “To Larry, warmest greetings and best wishes for the holidays and the New Year! Included is a special offer you can use towards your next purchase” will do the trick. In your message you can also mention a product or service you believe will be useful to them based on their purchase history.

As you can see, personal holiday cards are a great way to increase your sales this holiday season and assist with customer retention.

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