Research: Increasing customer satisfaction with automation in business

Automation and Customer Satisfaction


Automation has become a topic of interest for busy business owners who want to improve customer satisfaction. The process of automation is important to business because it maintains consistent communication between customers and brands. Though there are positive aspects to automation, many experts don’t appreciate how automation can be impersonal. Today businesses are connecting better with customers using a system like automation but more personalized.

What is automation and How Does It Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Automation is defined as the “automatic control of the manufacture of a product through a number of successive stages.” According to an article testing the different types and levels of human interaction with this system, when you incorporate automation into your marketing campaign, it reduces the chances of errors.

Though his system is closely related to the use of machines replacing human activity, it can also be outsourcing specific responsibilities (such as hand-addressing envelopes or physically handwriting envelopes) to a reliable company. One benefit of including an automated system in your business is it increases customer satisfaction. Because 20% of a business’s sales are from return customers, it’s important to keep them happy and to know what they want so you can keep offering it to them. Customer satisfaction comes from knowing your customer and understanding their wants.

According to an article that appeared on Groove Digital Marketing, experts suggest using automation for keeping in contact with your customers in an efficient way that saves times and earns you money. While the mechanical side of automation delivers on setting up an efficient system to keep things consistent and your customers happy, the impersonal side of computer generated mail and responses can turn customers off. As mentioned in this article, in automation “machines perform a very limited set of functions and are incapable of human interaction.”

Using a system like automation to send personalized handwritten mail is possible. The key is in outsourcing handwritten direct mail responsibilities to a trusted company experienced in creating this form of mail.

How Business Owners Are Using Automation for Handwritten Direct Mail


Sending handwritten mail to your customers can increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. From handwritten thank you notes to handwritten envelopes, handwritten mail can make a big impact on your customer and your business. With studies proving that hand-addressed envelopes are opened 72% more often than computer generated addresses and that handwritten post it notes can increase response rates by over 75%, business owners are turning to handwritten direct mail to stand out from competitors and to keep their relationships with clients positive.

Because most business owners want to focus on other areas of their business that requires more of their attention, they have discovered the efficiency of outsourcing their handwritten mail efforts and implementing a system like automation. What results is a seamless method that mirrors automation but is personalized with mail handwritten by a real person.

Though it may entice to use faux handwritten fonts in your direct mail, experts warn against this.
Mail recipients are smarter today and can tell when a fake handwritten letter has been written. And when fake fonts are used, the choice can be viewed as deceptive and may change your customer’s perception of your brand in a negative way.

Are you a business owner interested in implementing automation but want a personal way to communicate with your customers consistently?

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