Research: Handwritten Notes can strengthen relationships with existing customers

Handwritten Notes and Building Relationships


Small business owners and marketers have discovered the power of handwritten notes. To keep your existing customers happy, you have to show them you value their business. One of the best ways to do this is by sending your customers handwritten notes. Something as simple as a written “thank you” can change the way your customers view your business, which can lead to a stronger customer relationship.

Research Shows Handwritten Notes Strengthen Customer Relationships

According to a Gartner Group statistic, 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers. While some of your focus should be on gaining new customers, most of your attention should be on showing appreciation for your existing customers as this can lead to increased customer retention. Often, the best type of handwritten notes are the ones sent just to say thank you or as a post-it attached to handwritten mail.

A perfect example of how handwritten notes strengthen customer relationships is taken from the pages of Robert Cialdini’s classic book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In one chapter, Robert profiles Joe Giraldi – a legendary car salesman who was perhaps one of the most successful salesman of his generation. Joe credited his success to the handwritten messages he would send to all of his clients once a month. The messages were simple, but they made a big impact on his customers and kept them loyal.

Handwritten notes have such a positive perception because people understand how much time goes into drafting a handwritten note without the use of auto-correct or spellcheck – features associated with typing and texting. It takes time to create and are frequently used to show love or gratitude. Because individuals don’t use them to ask for or sell things, most people look forward to receiving handwritten notes. As mentioned, post-it notes are another form of handwritten notes that can strengthen relationships and here’s why.

Handwritten Post-It Notes Has an Attention-Grabbing Effect

Post-It notes are another choice for handwritten notes when you want your customers to take action. These types of notes are used regularly and have become a staple in American business as well as in the home. Used mostly for reminders or to illustrate the importance of something, Post-Its have an attention-grabbing effect that can get your existing customers’ attention and to send friendly greetings whenever they make purchases.

In a study done to get students to fill out questionnaires (PDF), 105 randomly selected students from a graduate program were sent survey packets. One group received packets with handwritten post-it notes; the second group received packets with blank Post-It notes; and the third group received packets with no Post-It notes.

The results were that participants who received the packets with the Post-it request “returned significantly more surveys (69%) than those in either the blank Post-it (43%), or the no Post-it control (34%).” Though the packets were for questionnaires, the use of post-its shows how powerful sending handwritten notes to individuals can get their attention and gain their trust.

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