Research: Handwritten mail performs the best in marketing campaigns for new customers

Handwritten Mail and New Customers


Many business owners turn to handwritten mail when planning their marketing campaigns. If they are looking to connect with potential new customers, they know that handwritten mail is the best way to do this due to the friendly perception of handwritten mailings.

The statistics support these findings with several case studies confirming that the use of handwritten mail can increase response rates from new customers. Let’s take a look at a few researched studies that show how effective handwritten mail is when used in marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

Research that shows the effectiveness of Handwritten Mail

Personalization is the goal in direct mail marketing campaigns due to how well it performs, especially when used on handwritten mail. Using handwritten mail materials like letters, notes and envelopes to communicate with customers will grab their attention and will increase the chances of them responding to you. According to an article published in ACR’s Consumer Section, the author suggests making direct mail as personalized as possible for great results. They stated, “The more personalized your piece, the more likely you are to receive a response.” Using handwritten post-scripts, notes and especially envelopes is also strongly recommended. Handwritten envelopes are reportedly opened 72% more often than envelopes with computer generated addresses.

And if this isn’t convincing, then you’ll want to note these case studies mentioned in an article published on Frugal Marketing’s website. In one study, a Midwestern restaurant owner sent out handwritten notes to customers and received a 20% response rate. In the Northeast, a financial planner mailed out 80 handwritten notes to get in touch with prospects and had 6 people call him with two setting appointments to meet in person. Then there’s the non-profit that received 51 donations by sending a handwritten note to a list of 100 people. These are just a handful of examples of how well handwritten mail worked for business owners or marketers looking to connect with new and existing customers in a campaign.

Handwritten Mail that Performs well in Marketing Campaigns

Including handwritten mail in your marketing campaign for new customers is a great plan and using the right handwritten mail is essential. In many studies, handwritten envelopes proved to work well on new customers. According to a survey that tested the value of hand-addressed envelopes, 41% of participants chose hand addressed over all other options when “paying attention to an envelope and its contents.”

Handwritten envelopes work well on new customers because it makes a great first impression. Choosing to handwrite addresses versus using a computer generated label lets your new customers know that you value their business and their loyalty in your brand. They will also understand the time needed to hand-address the envelopes you send them and will appreciate this.

Handwritten notes like thank you notes has the same effect. Expressed gratitude is the secret ingredient to the success of many brands. A handwritten thank you note has the power to stick with your customer long after you’ve sent it. It’s what they will remember when they are searching for a benefit your product offers and why they will pick your product over your competitors. Handwritten post it notes are another great inclusion in a marketing campaign for new customers. The post-it note is one of the most recognizable mail additions and is perfect when used to offer important details like contact information or even your call-to-action.

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