Using personalized handwritten letters to build lasting relationships with clients

How Personalized Handwritten Letters Help Attract Loyal Clients


Personalized handwritten letters have taken center stage as a surefire way to get the attention of direct mail recipients.

The reason business owners and professionals who sell products and services see success using personalized handwritten letters, is because, as this writer put it, “Fine-writing instruments, pens, pencils help us create our most important human element, our handwriting.”

Customers typically prefer to work with and buy from companies that are professional, but still have a human element to their brands.

Keep reading for tips on how you can use personalized handwritten letters to attract new clients and build client loyalty.

Use Yellow Letter Writing Paper

Sending personalized handwritten letters to your clients using yellow writing paper will get you results, because of the familiarity of yellow paper. This paper lets your clients know that beyond being a business, you care about your clients and don’t mind letting each of them know with a handwritten letter. Real estate professionals use this form of direct mail to attract leads and when they want to connect with their clients on a personal level.

Add a Personalized Sticky Note

Personalized sticky notes are perfect for quick thoughts. When sticky notes are added to a personalized handwritten letter, they add to the appeal of a hand addressed letter. Use a sticky note for your call to action. Whether it is to call a specific number or to subscribe to a mailing list, sticky notes are the way to go. Make sure that the sticky note is yellow as this is what many recipients will recognize.

Include a P.S.

Adding a handwritten P.S. at the end of your handwritten letter is a great way to add authenticity to your mailer. P.S. stands for PostScript, which is writing that appears after a body of writing. Its use comes across as personal and makes the reader feel as if they are reading a letter from someone they know versus a letter from someone who is trying to sell them something. Use a P.S. in your personalized handwritten letter to add a final note to your reader after they have read your letter. A P.S. is also great for including special offers and exclusive information.

Use Power Words

The use of personalized handwritten letters can help peek curiosity, but when you use power words in your letters, it will grab your recipient’s attention. Power words are words or phrases used in everyday language that evokes a feeling that usually leads to action. Examples of power words:

  • Because: This word gives your recipient a reason they should take an interest in what you have to say or offer.
  • Free: This word is appealing simply because there’s nothing better than free!
  • New: Everyone is interested in trying new products or services and
  • Guarantee(d): This word leaves people more open to trying something because there’s no risk involved.

Power words will help your letter standout and give your clients the confidence that they are always getting a great deal as your client.

There are many benefits to using personalized handwritten letters to connect with your clients. With these tips, you will be well on your way to building not only great client relationships but relationships that last.

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