Personalized handwritten envelopes and how your business will benefit from using them

How Personalized Handwritten Envelopes will Benefit Your Business


Personalized handwritten envelopes are a great tool used in many successful direct mail campaigns. No matter what products or service you offer, personalized handwritten materials such as envelopes can improve business.

One of the reasons why handwritten mailings are so effective is because it gives the recipient the perception that they are dealing with a real person one-on-one.

Keep reading to learn how your business will benefit from using personalized handwritten envelopes.

Personalized Handwritten Envelopes Will Improve Communication with Your Clients

Your clients receive a lot of mail per day, which means they have gotten good at scanning their mail and creating a toss and keep pile. This happens so quickly that it starts the moment they get their mail from the mailbox.

Handwritten personalized envelopes have been proven to receive higher open rates. The reason for this is because handwritten envelopes rarely ever look like junk mail. Your handwritten envelopes will help you to better connect with your clients, and those clients will appreciate that you have gone the extra mile to send them something that takes time to create.

Because they are aware of this, they will feel more inclined to read your communication and give your call-to-action some consideration. This will result in you getting the coveted opportunity to communicate the benefits of your products or services to your recipient. This will lead to the next benefit.

Clients Will Choose Your Products or Services over your competitors

Many business owners spend a lot of money selling the features of their products and services and forget to tell their customers how they will benefit from using it. Similarly, some of your competitors are not looking at their clients on an individual level. Instead, they are viewing them as a collective market. In reality, people like to buy from people more than they like to buy products or services.

While your competitors are relying heavily on selling the features of their products or services, you will be making a positive first impression by offering products and services that will benefit customers while demonstrating that you care how you communicate with them individually.

Personalized handwritten envelopes do not give off the impression that you are solely writing to your recipient to sell them something. It proves that you are writing to them because you have something to offer them that will benefit them, and you are communicating in a personable way.

Doing this will help you stand out from the competition and increase your client lists with loyal followers who seek out your products or services first. This will then lead to the best benefit of them all.

It Will Contribute To an Increase in Sales or Requests for Services

Because you are using personalized handwritten envelopes, the chances of your envelopes being tossed are low. Your envelope is guaranteed to stand out in a pile of mail thanks to it being handwritten – which is rare today in comparison to various other forms of communication. The outer envelope will ignite your recipient’s curiosity regarding what awaits inside, and they will feel motivated to open it.

Now that your envelope is being opened, this will bring your recipient one step closer to reading what you are offering. It is worth noting that handwritten mailings have been proven to increase response rates by 300%. So if your mailing list is targeted, and what you are offering is of interest to the recipient, you can expect to experience an increase in your sales or requests for your service. And it all starts with your personalized handwritten envelopes.

There are many ways personalized handwritten envelopes will benefit your business. As discussed, it will improve client communication, help you stand out among your competition and will increase sales. Invest in personalized handwritten envelopes and watch your client list grow in a loyal way.

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