Personalized custom sticky notes: Are you making these 4 mistakes with yours?

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Using Personalized Custom Sticky Notes


Direct mail campaigns are featuring personalized custom sticky notes more often as of late.

According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2005, letters which included a sticky note attached to it, increased response rates by 75% compared to letters that did not.

With these results, it’s no wonder demand for personalized custom sticky notes have increased and why response rates are so high when they are included.

Though it may seem simple to just tack on a personalized custom sticky note to your direct mailer and watch your response rates soar, there are a few incorrect ways many business owners use this simple yet effective tool.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid using sticky notes in a way that could negatively affect your response rates.

Including a Sticky Note with a Weak Call to Action

The call to action is usually the overall reason you are sending the recipient your mailer. The goal is for the reader of your mailer to complete a specific action once they are done reading. Often, personalized custom sticky notes are used as a way to deliver a call to action. However, if your call to action is weak, then you have defeated the purpose of the sticky note. Examples of weak call to actions are notes that include requested actions like “call today” without the inclusion of a contact number that the reader can use to get in touch with you. Another example is asking the recipient to subscribe to a newsletter without directions on how to subscribe and where to subscribe. Believe it or not, people like to be told what to do. A strong call to action on your sticky note will help you do this.

Using a Personalized Custom Sticky Note That Tells a Recipient to ‘Read Me’

While this may seem harmless, it is devaluing the useful information you are offering the reader. These types of personalized custom sticky notes closely resembles junk mail, and that is something we want to steer clear of. Your sticky note should be used to tell your recipient something important and of value. Because sticky notes are used daily to write down reminders, using it in this manner makes it difficult to take your mailer seriously. Think of it this way – If what you have to offer is of interest, there will be no need for your sticky note to tell them what they will already want to do.

Utilizing Sticky Notes for Long Messages

The average size of a post-it is 3 x 3-inches. That’s only enough room to hold just a few sentences. The size of a sticky note is no mistake. It is meant to keep everything short, sweet and to the point. With this in mind, the message you decide to include on your personalized custom sticky notes should not make it look crowded. Meaning, the reader should be able to see yellow space in between the words that are written on a sticky note. To avoid over-crowding on your sticky note, leave messages that contain long sentences or detailed information for your letter.

Addressing Recipients by Anything Other Than Their Names

When it comes to adding recipient names to personalized custom sticky notes, use the same rule for writing their names on  envelopes. That rule is, make sure you are addressing them by their name. Recipients want to feel special and like when they are addressed directly by name. Do not address the recipient as “recipient” or similar as this will make them feel as if they were picked from a pool of other people leaving them less inclined to read what you have to offer them. With that said, people are very protective of their names so make sure you’ve spelled their names correctly. When it is spelled incorrectly, it can sometimes be offensive. To prevent this, make sure you double then triple check the spelling of your recipient’s name before sending your mailer.

The don’ts of using personalized custom sticky notes can be easily remembered as follows:

  • Make sure you let your reader know exactly what you want them to do
    Avoid cliché’s, long messages and misspelling their names.

With this in mind, your sticky note will be the perfect side-kick to your direct mail campaign.

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