5 ways to use personalized custom sticky notes to improve your direct mail campaign

Creative Ways To Use Personalized Custom Sticky Notes On Direct Mail


Personalized custom sticky notes are quickly becoming the trusty sidekick in successful direct mail campaigns.

Individuals use post-its daily both professionally and leisurely so it’s no surprise why they take notice of custom sticky notes. When sticky notes are included in mailers, they contribute to high response rates and can help spruce up an otherwise ordinary mailer.

Here are five ways you can include personalized custom sticky notes in your direct mail to help improve your campaign.

Use It to Include a Call to Action

Personalized custom sticky notes are great to use for your call to action. Whether you want the recipient to call a specific number or to visit your website, custom sticky notes will help your clients take notice of the valuable information you are presenting. They will also feel inclined to act because they will find the use of your sticky note creative.

Use it for Special Offers

The next time you are sending direct mail to your existing and new clients and want to let them know of a special offer, add this information on a sticky note. Your special offer won’t go unnoticed for two reasons. For one, you are offering a special discount or deal, which is always of interest to clients. And two, you are adding a personal touch by using something familiar and synonymous with important reminders, a sticky note.

Use Personalized Custom Sticky Notes on Envelopes

Getting past the opening of an envelope is an important goal for many professionals in charge of direct mail campaigns. And one of the reasons why recipients don’t open envelopes is because they don’t know what’s inside and if it will be of interest or importance to them. You can use a sticky note to give your clients a heads up about what they can expect when they open your envelope. Your personalized custom sticky note can say something as simple as “Great offer included inside!”

Add a Quick Note

Use personalized custom sticky notes to send a quick note to your recipient such as who their point of contact is for more information or to communicate a quick yet important message. The American Institute for Cancer Research used personalized sticky notes for the latter. They used this method to let recipients know that they would be telephoning donors in the area who have not renewed their support. They ended the note with “A contribution at this time may save us the cost of a phone call.” Including this quick note using sticky notes increased their response rate and because of this they have used this method consistently for a decade.

Use it to include a Fact

You can use custom sticky notes to include a company fact or relevant statistics that relates to any product or service your business offers. People love facts, and more importantly in short form. Using your personalized custom sticky note to inform clients of relevant information can help bring in high response rates and build client loyalty.

The main reason custom sticky notes are effective is because they are versatile and can be tailored to fit any direct mail campaign goal. Consider using these five tips on your sticky notes and watch your response rates soar.

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