What is personalization and how can it improve your direct mail campaign?

Why Add Personalization to your Direct Mail Campaign?


Personalization has been working successfully for businesses that implement it in their direct mail campaigns.

If you have any doubts regarding how effective personalization is, take this report done by market research firm Infotrends into consideration.

In their study, they compared response rates “to a range of different direct marketing creative executions.” The results proved that mailings that were full color and included a deeper personalization received a response rate of 6.5%, well above the standard direct mail response rate of 2% – 4%.

It’s clear that personalization is making a positive impact in direct mail, but what exactly is personalization and how can you make it work for your business?

Personalization Involves Tailoring Your Direct Mail Materials to Your Recipient’s Interests

Personalization isn’t as foreign as it may seem. It simply is a tool used to capture and hold the attention of the recipient long enough to deliver a message that will be of interest to them.

Personalization works every time because it is customized to your recipient’s likes and wants.

People like to feel unique to others, and when they receive mail that has been tailored specifically to them, it is practically impossible for them not to take notice.

According to a white paper done by MarketingInc.com, in order for it to influence your recipient, your personalization will need to take three forms:

  1. Aesthetic – the look and feel of your mailer would need to be tailored to your recipient’s attitude.
  2. Contextual – content elements such as your message’s text will need to cater to your recipient’s preferences.
  3. Conceptual – your offer and message will need to be made specifically for the targeted recipient.

Using Personalization to Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign

If you’re concerned about personalization in direct mail being outdated due to the popularity of email marketing and social media, you can rest assure that direct mail is still in demand by consumers.

When participants were asked how they preferred to be contacted in 2014 in a recent study (which was illustrated in an infographic), direct mail was the number one choice. 33% of people stated that they preferred to be contacted via direct mail versus other mediums such as newspapers, radio and even internet.

Most mail recipients find direct mail to be more trustworthy, and when it uses personalization, it also succeeds at making a connection.

To do this, make sure that you understand your recipient’s purchase behavior, their income and their overall preferences.

Similarly, use language that they will understand. This is important as you want your message to be understood, and your call-to-action acted on. Also, include exclusive special offers that create an urgency for them to act now. Most importantly, be sure to address your recipient by name as this is the first step in getting your mail past the sorting phase.

When used appropriately, personalization in direct mail can transform the way you communicate with your target market and will result in an increase in your response rates. Consider adding personalization to your next direct mail campaign and watch your brand rise above the competition.

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