45 Foolproof Tips That Will Make You a Better Salesperson Overnight

Sales – what job could be easier? Make a few calls, fill in a few order forms, take a few clients to lunch… easy as pie. Except, as any decent sales representative will tell you, it’s not that simple. Sure, anyone who follows the basic steps will probably make one or two sales… eventually. But … Continued

Why Your Brand Must Have a Story (And How To Tell It)

It’s a concept that’s becoming more prevalent and more important in marketing. It’s no longer enough to have a clever, catchy advertisement and maybe a well-designed website – you need to tell your “brand story”. That’s all good and well, but what exactly is a brand story or narrative, how do you tell it, and … Continued

The #1 Mistake You’re Making in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

So you came up with a really great idea for a direct mailer. You did the market research, narrowed down your target audience, hired a great copywriting and design team to create the mailer for you, and shelled out a small fortune to get them sent off. Then you sat back and waited for the … Continued

The Rise of Personalization in Direct Mail in 2016

Every year brings shiny, new advances in tech, and 2016 is shaping up to be no different. With expected innovations that include virtual reality; doorstep-delivery by robots; improved drone tech for recording high-def aerial video; and the inevitable release of the latest iPhone, you could be forgiven for thinking that handwritten direct mail is an archaic, outdated form … Continued

The Death of Yellow Letters in Real Estate Direct Mail?

If you’ve done any real estate marketing, you’ve probably heard of “yellow letters”. In case you haven’t, it involves mailing a handwritten letter (or handwritten font), usually in red ink on yellow legal pad stating that you have an offer for a house you want to buy. Yellow letters are still hugely popular with investors, realtors and brokers looking … Continued

11 Crazy Direct Mail Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss

When you need to get the attention of influencers in your market or set up appointments with hard-to-reach decision makers, consider using one of the most effective mediums in direct mail – dimensional direct mail. What is dimensional direct mail? Dimensional mail is any direct mail that isn’t flat. Dimensional mail can come in many shapes … Continued

Interesting Remarketing Technique You Probably Didn’t Know About

“Direct Mail is dead!” How many times have we heard “Direct mail is dead!” shouted over the proverbial rooftops of the Internet marketing world? Perhaps it’s the same people who are proclaiming that cold calling is dead? The fact is, direct mail is alive and well. Statistics like that of DMA’s (Direct Marketing Association) found … Continued

11 Clever Businesses (& an Uber Driver) That Say ‘Thanks’ with a Handwritten Note

Last month I purchased ink for my girlfriend’s Samsung laser printer from a website I found with a Google search (great printer by the way). The order process was smooth and it was delivered in 2 days. Pretty good right? Yup. And I’ll never order from them again. Why not you ask? Well when the cartridge … Continued

Study: The positive effects of handwritten mail on customer satisfaction

The Connection Between Handwritten Mail and Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is when a customer believes a company’s products or services exceeds their specified satisfaction goals. When a customer has a good buying experience, they see no reason to stop buying from you and refer your business to their friends, family, and associates. In a competitive … Continued

Study: Automation and Building Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty with Automation Automation is linked to the building of customer loyalty in business. Because the system is built to support consistent communication with clients, many business owners choose automation when developing marketing campaigns. Customer loyalty is one reason for a company’s success. And this is why marketing professionals and business owners rely … Continued