Creating a mailing list that guarantees an increase in your response rates

How To Create A Mailing List That Increases Response Rates


A mailing list is an important asset to business owners and professionals who are interested in promoting their products or services. When compiled properly, mailing lists can assist professionals with successfully connecting with new and existing clientele.

If you want to guarantee a high-response rate when you send out mailers to recipients, it is important that your mailing list has all of the elements and ingredients that will help deliver positive results every time.

Before compiling your own mailing list or sending out mailers to your current mailing list, read these quick tips on what you will need to do in order to ensure high open and response rates in your direct mail campaign.

Confirm The Spelling of Your Recipients’ Names On Your Mailing List

Various studies have proven that recipients will quickly discard mailers that are not addressed directly to them. Individuals receive tons of mail a day and with so many mailers competing for their attention, patience runs short when it comes to direct mail that is sent from brands and companies. When creating your mailing list, make sure the spelling of your recipients first and last names are accurate and double check where they receive their mail. When you do not address your recipient correctly, your mailer is automatically viewed as spam and is tossed. One way to make sure that your recipient’s name is spelled correctly is by allowing them to input their information themselves. Adding a subscription button to your website and even your emails will give your clients the option to add themselves to your mailing list so that they can be updated whenever you send out communication. Creating a mailing list that lists recipients’ names accurately will help with successful open rates which will lead to an increase in response rates.

Know Your Target Audience

If there is anything you must know when compiling your mailing list, it is who you are sending your mailer to. By who, we mean knowing exactly who your target audience is. Casting a big net and adding random names to your mailing list may seem like a good idea, but if your mailer isn’t tailored to a specific target audience, this will increase the chances of your mailer getting tossed. Knowing your target audience will also contribute to you not getting a return on your investment because your response rate will be low. Information that is important to remember when creating your mailing list for your target audience are:

  • Their lifestyles
  • Their buying patterns
  • Their income
  • And any other factors that provide a more complete and vivid picture of the type of person you want to reach

Knowing your target audience will make it easier to create the perfect mailing list that gets the results you want because you are reaching out to people you know will be interested in your product or service.

Utilize Personalized Handwritten Services

After you have created your mailing list and have determined your recipient’s name and what language to use when sending them material, you will need to come up with a way that will help appeal and build a relationship with your prospect. Personalized handwritten services will help with getting past initial first impressions regarding direct mail. Handwritten services can include hand addressed letters, envelopes, and custom sticky notes. They give off genuine feeling from the company and tells the customer that you the sender care about them because you are taking the time out to write out your communication. Utilize personalized handwritten services to connect with the individuals on your mailing list. Doing this will help your mail standout in a pile and get noticed first when your recipient retrieves their mail.

Addressing recipients by name, knowing your target audience, and utilizing personalized handwritten services will all help with getting the results you need from your mailing list.

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