Lost clientele and how handwritten mail can help you get them back

Winning Back Lost Clientele


Lost clientele can be hard for many business owners, especially small business owners. While losing clients can be difficult to deal with, it can also double as a learning experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can always get them back with tried-and-true strategies that work every time. And one of those strategies involves sending your former clients handwritten mail.

Reasons you may Experience Lost Clientele

According to statistics, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. Bad customer service can be perceived as such if your client didn’t feel they received the great service your company promised. Another reason you may have lost clientele is they were dissatisfied with your product or change in price. Dissatisfaction with your product may be due to the product not working for them or they simply didn’t know how to use it to achieve the benefits it guaranteed.

You may also lose clientele if you don’t focus on client retention. You may only offer the best deals or quality services to first-time clients to grow your client lists. Doing this, you neglect your return clients or clients who have been loyal to your company from the start. Whatever the reason is, repairing your relationship with lost clientele is possible with the help of handwritten mail.

How handwritten mail can help win back Lost Clientele

Handwritten mail is a powerful tool used by many trusted brands. Because of its personal nature, recipients are usually curious to know who sent the handwritten material and what is inside of the envelope in which it arrives. In an article published on American Express’s website, the author suggests that you can win lost clientele back by simply asking them to return. And the best way to do this effectively is with a handwritten letter. Your letter should address the recipient by name, letting them know why you are writing to them.

Explain the improvements you’ve made on your products or services and how your clients have benefited from them. Remind them of what you offer and why they were interested in your brand to begin with. Don’t just tell them you’d like them to return, show them. Use a yellow sticky note to include an incentive like a special offer or phone number they can call to claim a gift. Conclude your letter with a handwritten signature so that they know the letter was written and sent by a real person. Since envelopes are an important asset to handwritten mail, be sure to hand-address your envelope and include a live stamp for added personalization.

Winning back lost clientele is possible. All you need to make it a success are the right tools. And the best place to start is with handwritten mail.

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