Losing clients? How to win them back using this popular strategy

The Secret to Stop Losing Clients


Losing clients as a business owner can be a tough experience. There are many articles around the web about how to attract new clients to your business. Very few of those articles give advice on how to win back those clients if they decide to no longer do business with you.

The secret to winning them back is in tailoring your message and your products/services to your customers wants and doing so in a personalized way.

How to Win Back Clients Using Personalization When Communicating

Brands that include personalization in direct mail campaigns receive a high number of responses from their target audience as opposed to brands that don’t. As pointed out in an article that appeared on Entrepreneur’s website, the presence of personalization in direct mail, “can enhance a consumer’s inclination to read your direct mail piece by creating a sense of familiarity.” How does this apply to losing clients? One of the reasons you may be losing clients may be due to their customer service experience. And the statistics back this up. Reportedly 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

This is where personalization comes in. Including personalization when you communicated with your clients in writing will make your clients feel appreciated. The simple act of addressing them by their names and inquiring about their experience with a specific product or service they purchased will encourage client loyalty. Wondering how you can include personalization to avoid losing clients or to win back the ones you’ve already lost?

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Win Back Lost Clientele Using Personalization When Communicating

1. Tell them what you’ve done or will do for them via handwritten letter

A handwritten letter is an excellent way to communicate with new and existing customers. It is especially effective when reaching out to lost clientele. When personalizing your handwritten letter, be sure to address the recipient by name. Explain your reason for reaching out to them and the benefits that you will offer them for doing business with you again. Simply pointing out what your brand is willing to do to improve your customer’s buying experience would peak their curiosity to test out if their experience would be different if they returned.

2. Send a handwritten birthday card with a special offer

Young or old, everyone’s birthday is very special to them. Because you want your customer to see your brand as more than just an entity, you must appear authentic. Sending a birthday card to clients that have not purchased from you in a while is a great way to reintroduce your brand without being pushy. You will have already gotten their attention sending a handwritten birthday card addressed to them. The next step is giving them an incentive for giving your brand another chance. You can do this by offering a special offer that they can’t refuse.

3. Survey Long-Term Clientele

For some businesses, it is more cost effective to survey current customers to see how they can improve their brand. The truth is, sometimes it’s just easier to speak directly with your customers to understand the experience they have purchasing from you. This helps with better understanding how you can improve your service and what you offer so that you stop losing clients and prevent it from happening in the future. In this published article, the expert supports surveying long-term clients. They suggest you “talk to them about what you offer or are doing that they like, and what they would like to see changed.”

Losing clients can be difficult, but learning from it can be beneficial. Using these suggestions will give you a great start at repairing client relationships and winning back lost clientele.

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