Tips on developing and maintaining long-term client relationships

The Importance of Long-Term Client Relationships


Long-term client relationships are essential to all businesses, regardless of the industry. As mentioned in this article, statistics have proven that it takes five times more money to acquire new customers than it does to keep current customers.

While some attention should be devoted to attracting new clientele, it is equally important that you focus on ways to turn those new customers into regular clients.

Keep reading for tips on how you can do this.

Always Deliver on your Promises

Customers like to feel confident when they purchase from brands. While making promises may get your customer’s attention, delivering on those promises will transform them into a long-term client. If you promise free shipping on your products, deliver on your promise of free shipping. If one of the perks of signing up for your service is that customers will receive outstanding customer service, take all of the necessary steps to ensure that your customer service meets your client’s expectations.

Make Purchasing from you Simple

Believe it or not, people like being told what to do. Similarly, your clients want to know what action it is you want them to perform when you are trying to sell them on something. If you want for them to purchase a particular product while communicating with them via mail, let them know where and how they can make a purchase. Make it as simple as possible to avoid discouraging clients from completing your call-to-action. A popular way to do this is by including a mail-back order form that already includes a postage-page envelope.

Send ‘Thank You’ Notes to Clients Who Have Supported your Brand

Your “thank you” can be in the form of a thank you note or even a special offer. You can send “thank you” notes when a client makes a purchase from you or when a long-term client refers your business to a friend. Handwritten thank you notes will also strengthen your long-term client relationships. A handwritten thank you note, for example, demonstrates to your clients that you care about their interest in your business. Also, it shows your gratitude and thoughtfulness – something your competitors are likely not doing.

Be Resourceful

New clients may be interested in your product or service but might not know how to use it if they’ve already made a purchase. What this usually results in is them purchasing from you once never to return to purchase again. A great way to fix this is by offering ideas and solutions to use your product. This will help your clients see the value in what you are offering. Let’s take the odor eliminating brand Febreze as an example. Before they offered ideas in commercials and other forms of advertisement on how to use their products in the home, first-time customers would purchase their products but often not return to purchase again. Much like Febreze’s clients, being resourceful will encourage your clients to continue supporting your brand.

Use these tips along with other tried-and-true methods to transform new client connections into solid long-term client relationships.

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