4 steps to connecting with clients using variable data printing

How Variable Data Printing Helps you Connect with Clients


Variable data printing is a form of digital printing that is created specifically for one single-person in mind. How it works is it allows businesses to customize their message in a way that successfully connects with consumers.

Mailers that use variable data printing usually results in high consumer response rates because the information about that consumer is often used to create the printing.

Your business can also experience the success of variable data printing. Here are four simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Knowing the Value your Product or Service Will Bring to your Clients

Begin by asking yourself what value your product or service will bring to your clients. Unfortunately, just telling them that your product is great will not suffice.

How does your service or product make the lives of consumers better? What is the single stellar benefit that stands out above the rest that makes your product or service different from your competitors? Once you have determined the answers to those questions, the answers will let you know what you will need to include in your message to your customer.

Step 2 – Learning who your clients are

Now that you are familiar with your product or service’s unique value next you will need to learn about your clients or the clients you will like to reach. Surveys are a great way to understand your customers and to become an expert at communicating with them.

As discussed in a previous post about personalized variable data printing, knowing basic information about your clients such as their age or even prior purchases can assist in you developing a campaign that caters specifically to them individually.

Along with the quality of your service or product, gathering this type of information in this way can lead to a successful direct mail campaign.

Step 3 – Understanding the Best Way to Make a Connection with your Clients

Once you have gathered the necessary information about your customers, you will have an idea of who they are and what will be the best way for you to connect with them using variable data printing. Keep in mind that consumers connect with mailers differently.

To guarantee that your mailer is opened, and your call-to-action is read, your mailer needs to have an effect on the recipient. This means grabbing the recipient’s attention and keeping it long enough for you to deliver a message or for them to complete an action. Take this case study about restaurant franchise Beef O’ Brady’s for example.

Beef O’ Brady’s wanted a cost effective way to reach out to their existing customers. They decided they would go the route of customer feedback surveys using variable data printing. With VDP, they created branded cards that included a unique URL and password and distributed the cards to patrons. The incentive for taking the survey was a guarantee that they would win a prize if they visited the unique URL. The result – 27% of restaurant patrons completed the survey online.

Beef O’Brady’s knew that in order to get their patrons to complete an action they would need an incentive. One of the reasons most customers visit this franchise is to participate in arcade games that earn them tickets that can be redeemed for prizes. Understanding this motivation and their customer, Beef O’ Brady’s was able to get great results

Step 4 – Personalize and Implement

Now that data is collected, you will have enough information to create a customized campaign using variable data printing. And based on the data that you receive from your survey, you will know the type of text and images to use on your printing.

By knowing your customers age or gender, you will know the type of images or texts to use to get your recipient’s attention. For example, Pink is synonymous with femininity. So if you wanted to introduce a new product to a demographic that consists of women, using shades of pink will get them to take notice.


Variable data printing can be a useful tool direct mail that gets attention. With the above four steps, you will be able to connect with your clients when using variable data printing.

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