Increase Response Rates – How these 4 direct mail marketing tips will boost your response rates

How to Increase Response Rates


Increasing response rates is a main focus for many new and established business owners. When you invest in a direct mail campaign you of course want to make sure that you are getting a return on your investment.

Keep reading for helpful direct mail marketing tips that will help increase client loyalty and boost your response rates.

Hand-Address Envelopes

By hand-addressing your envelopes, you can increase response rates significantly. Individuals are becoming more cautious of mailings that closely resemble junk mail. Junk mail typically utilizes typed fonts on envelopes along with metered-stamps. Hand-addressed envelopes, however, allow your recipient to let their guards down and to actually open your envelope to view what is inside. Consider hand-addressing your envelopes using blue ink as these types of envelopes experience high open and response rates.

Write Attention-Grabbing Copy in Sales Letters

If you are looking to increase response rates, creating attention-grabbing copy via your sales letters are crucial. Most recipients sift through their mail especially if they are short on time. Because of this, they quickly skim over words and only keep mailings that are of interest and are relevant to them. With this in mind, be sure to include in your handwritten letter how your product or service will benefit the recipient versus the features that it offers. For example, instead of stating how much suction your vacuum cleaner has (feature) explain how using your vacuum will cut down on the time it takes to clean the floors in their home (benefit). Your copy is attention-grabbing if the reader finds it relevant and useful, so be sure to lead with how your recipient can benefit from what you offer to strike their interest and increase response rates.

Offer Incentives & Write it on Yellow Sticky Notes

Increase response rates by offering incentives to potential and existing clients who respond to your direct mail. This can be in the form of an exclusive discount, free trial for service, or even a discount for a company you partner with. To get their attention, include the incentive on a yellow sticky note and add it to your handwritten letter or on the outside of your envelope. Incentives help increase response rates because consumers love receiving good deals. They also offer clients some comfort when deciding if they should try a product or service they’ve never used before.

Include a Handwritten Signature and Direct Contact Number

A handwritten signature at the conclusion of a letter adds a personable touch and will let the recipient know they are receiving a letter from a real person and not a machine. You can even include a personal note by adding a “P.S” at the end of your handwritten letter right below your signature. In your P.S. include a direct contact number in case your recipient would like to gather more details regarding your offer. A handwritten signature along with a direct contact number at the end of a sales letter humanizes your letter and helps form a connection with the reader. If they feel comfortable with you, they will feel comfortable with your brand. Remember, people prefer buying from people. This will help with increasing response rates and building brand loyalty.

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