Increase response rates and build your client lists with these helpful tips

Increasing Response Rates with Direct Mail


Business owners invest thousands of dollars a year developing ideas on how to increase their response rates. High response rates are a direct contributor to sales. And because of this, many businesses rely on direct mail to increase response rates and to attract new clients.

Depending on your campaign, your direct mail can either positively affect your response rates or negatively impact it.

Here are some tips that you can implement in your direct mail campaign to see an increase in response rates.

Create a Targeted Mailing List

Targeted mailing lists ensure that the right individuals who will likely be interested in what you offer and will benefit from your product or service receive your direct mail. There is a higher chance that the individuals on your targeted mailing list will respond to your communication as opposed to if you just sent direct mail to random recipients. Your targeted mailing list can be created through your own research or by purchasing lists from reputable mailing list sources like Experian.

Use Real Writing on Your Envelopes

Several studies and statistics have confirmed that mail recipients take notice of hand-addressed envelopes quicker than they do computer printed envelopes. With this in mind, consider hand-addressing your recipients’ names and addresses on the front of your envelopes. Seeing real writing on their envelope will signal to your recipients that what they are receiving is not junk mail. Similarly, affixing a real stamp to the face of a plain envelope will help with making your hand-addressed envelope look more like a personal letter from a friend and less like a solicitation.

Offer a Direct Contact

Consumers prefer to do business with real people versus with faceless companies. If you are looking to increase response rates, include a handwritten signature in your communication to your recipients along with a direct contact number. Avoid general customer service numbers and allow your recipient to go straight to one source. Providing a direct contact makes it easier for them to get in contact with you to inquire more about your offer. Simply including your contact information or the number of a direct contact will help with building dependability in your brand and eventually brand loyalty.

Offer Incentives for Responding

When presenting your call-to-action, consider offering an incentive to your recipient for contacting you for more information. It can be something as simple as a free consultation or a discount on services or products. Whatever the incentive is, be sure to attach an expiration date to it to encourage prompt action and response. Additionally, when presenting your offer, simplify it in a way that will spark curiosity. For example, if you are offering a service and want the recipient to view it as a great deal, break the total cost down to the lowest possible value. So instead of saying that your service will cost them $30 a month, you can say that the cost is as low as a $1 a day. Doing this will demonstrate to your recipient that what you offer is reasonable and affordable which will give them incentive to take advantage of your offer.

As you can see, using direct mail to increase your response rates and build your client list is possible with the help of tried-and-true strategies like the suggestions listed above. With these tips, your response rates and client list should see positive results and continued growth.

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