How to use these 4 creative marketing strategies to boost customer loyalty

Boosting Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is the heart to a company’s success.

It’s the reason customers will continue to choose one brand over the other and become advocates for their products and services.

There are simple creative marketing strategies you can use to increase customer loyalty among your customers.

Keep reading to learn of four ways you can build loyalty in your brand.

Send Purchase Follow-Ups

Following up with customers after a purchase is a great way to make sure they are happy with your product or service.

It also lets them know you care about them and their satisfaction with your company.

You can follow up with customers by sending a handwritten letter asking them how your product or service is working for them.

This follow up is personable and effective at building customer loyalty.

Reward Reviews of your Products/Services

Statistics show that over 60% of customers say reviews of a product influenced their decision to buy.

Reviews are important for both customers and brands so when your customers leave reviews of your products, reward them. It can be in the form of a future discount or free product samples.

You can inform customers of review rewards with a handwritten thank you note sent to them following a purchase.

Sending this note builds customer loyalty by demonstrating their experience with your product or service matters to your brand.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Customers

If you want to stand out from competitors and increase customer loyalty, consider sending handwritten greeting cards during special occasions.

The most popular occasions include birthdays and holidays.

Sending handwritten greeting cards will humanize your company as well as keep your products and services on their minds.

This is because your greeting cards can double as keepsakes allowing them to reread them as often as they want

Always be Resourceful

Your customers will have more trust for you when you are an expert in your industry.

And the best way to show that your products and services are superior to other brands is by being knowledgeable and resourceful.

You can do this by offering great customer service and working to solve your customer’s problems versus just pushing your products.

Sending a handwritten postcard following an inquiry about your products or services is one way to show how resourceful you are.

Include a custom yellow sticky note that lists a direct contact number to a rep and your website where they can get more information.

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