4 creative ideas for direct mail marketing you can use today

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Help Your Business


Many brands compete for the attention and loyalty of consumers and are always thinking of new ways to achieve this. Utilizing creative ideas for direct mail marketing in campaigns can get you the results you are looking for. It can also improve your relationship with new and existing clients.

You only have a short amount of time to leave an impression with your recipient. So using creative marketing ideas for direct mail is even more important. Individuals are scanning mail quicker than they’ve ever done before due to the evolving tactics of junk mail.

There are creative marketing ideas that you can use to set yourself apart from your competition.

Here are four creative ideas for direct mail marketing that you can start implementing today.

Use Envelopes with Color

Colored envelopes will help your mail standout from other correspondences mailed in white envelopes. This direct mail marketing idea also adds appeal to your mailing and this will make your recipient curious to see what’s inside. Your mail will also give the impression that it is from a trusted friend and not a faceless brand.

Handwrite your Sales Letter

Handwritten sales letters are a great direct mail marketing idea. Similarly, they are more effective than typed letters. They give off the impression that they were written with the recipient in mind. This makes them feel a part of your brand. Individuals know the time and effort it takes to write a letter. This alone will strengthen your relationship with new and existing customers. In your sales letter, be sure to use testimonials. Most people won’t try something new until they are sure it will work for them. The best way they can do this is by asking people they know or reading testimonials from people who have tried your product or service. Testimonials will help your recipient find your sales letter informal. This will make them more willing to act on your call-to-action.

Send Handwritten Reminders

If you offer any kind of service, sending handwritten reminders are great for customer retention. It is also a great creative idea for direct mail. Your reminder can let them know of an upcoming service renewal. You can also offer any extra services related to the service they already use. Reminders for products are also great. You can send them to lost clientele or clients who only purchased from you once. Reminders are convenient, friendly, and a great opportunity to offer similar products or services.

Hand-address a Personal Invite

Encouraging customer loyalty is always important no matter what your brand offers. Rewarding customer loyalty is even more important because it demonstrates appreciation. And appreciative clients offer the best word-of-mouth. Another creative direct mail marketing idea is using invitations for special communications. Invitations can be for private client-only events, invitations for them to join a loyalty rewards program, or to enter into a contest or sweepstakes. In your personal invite, be sure to include a unique message that addresses your client by name.

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