How to launch a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor

Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors


Launching a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor can seem like a lot of work, but work that is well worth the effort.

Direct mail can work for you if you plan your campaigns efficiently and stay consistent throughout the process. Doing this will get you the results you expect.

Keep reading to learn four ways you can launch a successful direct mail campaign as a real estate investor.

Set a Budget

It’s important to remember that direct mail is an investment not an expense. When used the right way, it can yield excellent results and get you a return on your investment.

Before beginning your campaign, decide how much you can invest in direct mail.

This should include everything from supplies needed to funds for outsourcing tasks like stuffing envelopes or hand addressing mail pieces.

Your budget should be realistic and you should set aside enough funds to cover all costs so that you’re able to run a flawless campaign.

Research your Target

Before sending any direct mail, be clear regarding the individuals you want to respond.

Your target should be detailed and specific. This will help with saving time and money when campaigning.

Also, be aware of your end goal.

Do you know what zip codes you want your property to be located? Are you looking for pre-foreclosure homes or properties with absentee landlords?

These are just a couple of questions to ask yourself to decide what type of owners you want to target.

Select a Mailing Piece

When launching a direct mail campaign as a real estate investor, decide what mailing pieces you want to use.

You can send correspondences like handwritten letters, yellow letters, or a quick and to the point note via a handwritten postcard.

Some investors opt to use more than one mailing piece during the duration of their campaigns. According to statistics, real estate investors may need to reach out to prospective clients at the most five separate times before they receive a response.

Whatever mailing piece you choose to use for your direct mail campaign make sure that it adds value to the recipient.

The goal is to get them to contact you for more information. So share information about the reason you are reaching out to them to build trust and encourage them to pick up the phone to call you and learn more about your offer.

Prepare to Convert Leads into Deals

Though it may seem early to think this far if you want to run a seamless campaign you have to be prepared for everything to guarantee you see results.

Be prepared to answer every phone call you receive and if one is missed, return the call at your earliest convenience.

Sending out hordes of letters or other mailing pieces will mean very little if you aren’t prepared to convert them into deals.

An example is having pre-written responses that can be used when you receive phone calls responding to your mailing pieces. It doesn’t need to sound like a script, but it should be enough to help you get through the first few seconds of fielding a call.

Follow-ups also work great and can be sent in the form of a handwritten thank you card whenever you receive an inquiry.

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