Why sending handwritten thank you notes to clients will keep them coming back

Handwritten  Thank You Notes Are Essential For Customer Retention


Handwritten thank you notes have been proven to improve customer relations and brand loyalty. Attracting new clients can sometimes be the primary focus of business owners looking to expand their brands. But statistics have proven that an increase in sales and brand growth is due to return customers and referrals.

How can handwritten thank you notes help with keeping your clients happy and coming back? Here are some reasons why they are effective.

Handwritten Thank You Notes Demonstrate your Gratitude

Offering a great product or service that has been of use to your client is great. Showing appreciation for their business is even better. Customers tend to feel a sense of loyalty to brands that acknowledge their support. And a handwritten thank you note is a great way to demonstrate your gratefulness.

Thank You Notes Leave a Positive First Impression

To your customers, you are only as good as their last transaction with you. The goal here is to give your clients something that they can’t find anywhere else. This applies to what you offer and how you follow up after the sale. Receiving a thank you note will make your client feel good about their decision regarding buying from you. Handwritten thank you notes are also perceived as positive and memorable to the recipient and will assist with building a strong customer, business relationship.

Your Thank You Notes Will be Perceived as Personable and Rare

It has been proven that people enjoy buying from people more than faceless brands. Handwritten thank you notes exude personality. Your recipients of your thank you note will know that time and consideration was taken into creating it. Pair that with how rare handwritten thank you notes are today, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Now that we’ve covered why handwritten thank you notes will keep your clients happy and coming back, here are four things you should include in your handwritten thank you notes.

1. The recipient’s name

Handwritten thank you notes are already personal, so be sure to bring it full circle by addressing your client by their first and last name.

2. Your reason for saying thank you

Your first few lines should make it clear that they are reading a thank you note. You want to mention the specific reason you are sending them a thank you so that they can appreciate your communication even more.

3. A phone number or other form of contact if they may have questions regarding the product or service

Following up on a sale while saying thank you is an excellent way to build great client rapport. If, for any reason, they are unhappy with your product/service or have questions regarding how they can best use it to reap the full benefits, this is a great opportunity to address that.

4. Include an invite to share a testimonial about the product or service they’ve purchased

Customers love giving their feedback and will feel a sense of pride being asked to provide one. This will also demonstrate to them that you value their opinion on your product or service.

And there they are – reasons why sending handwritten thank you notes will keep clients coming back and what your note should include to make them effective. Are you in need of handwritten thank you notes to send to your clients?

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