Using a card writing service for your handwritten thank you cards

How to Use a Card Writing Service for your Handwritten Thank You Cards

handwritten-thank-you-cards In an article that appeared in the NY Times, the author suggested that individuals who get in the habit of sending handwritten thank you cards are not only in trend, but are “also on their way to becoming happier and more sociable people.”

Using a card writing service for your handwritten ‘thank you’ card needs can help in ensuring that your card is written neatly and in legible handwriting. It will also help leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

Here are a few occasions where you can utilize the help of a card writing service for your handwritten thank you cards.

Send a Handwritten Thank You Card to Wedding Attendees Sharing your big day with the ones you love is always an amazing feeling. To show gratitude, make sure that you send a handwritten thank you card to all who attend. This will let them know that you appreciated their time and presence and will encourage them to attend more of your events. Additionally, you can send handwritten thank you cards to those in your wedding party and to your caterer, decorator, and any other services you felt help make your day even more special for you.

Send a Thank You card to Your Job Interviewer Stand out among your competition by sending your interviewer a thank you card for meeting with you. Doing this will demonstrate to them that you have the poise to send a handwritten thank you card and not one that is typed and sent in an email. Sending them a handwritten thank you card will also make it easier for the interviewer to remember who you are. This will make you more than just a name on a resume.

Reward a Gift Giver with a Thank You Sending handwritten thank you cards to those who have given you gifts is not only respected, it’s appreciated. People will notice that you are grateful enough to send a handwritten correspondence acknowledging their efforts. This will result in them wanting to continue to give simply because they know it will be appreciated and more importantly that they will be appreciated.

Thank Fundraiser Attendees with a Handwritten Card If you host fundraisers, it is very important that you remember to thank those who were involved. Handwritten thank you cards sent after a fundraiser to those who attended, is a great way to show gratitude to your donors, volunteers and participants. Most importantly, it will help with building solid ongoing relationships. Sending a handwritten thank you card is an essential building block to your organization and will ensure future support and participation from those who receive them.

Thank Your Baby Shower Attendees Similar to other events on this list, sending handwritten thank you cards to all of your baby shower guests (and gave you gifts) will show that you appreciate the time and energy they sacrificed to make your celebration memorable. Be sure also to send a special thank you card to the host of your shower. This will be a welcomed surprise and will be a great way to show them how grateful you are to have had someone to take on such a task.

The flexibility of handwritten thank you cards are endless. Thank you cards are not only great for showing your gratitude to people’s time and service, it can also assist in building strong relationships that last.

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