Why handwritten thank you notes will increase client loyalty

The Value of Handwritten Thank You Notes


When it comes to planning a marketing campaign, standing out from your competitors is important. Handwritten thank you notes are becoming the go-to option for business owners looking to standout from their competition. Experts agree that sending handwritten thank you notes can help with customer retention which can lead to brand loyalty.

Still not convinced that your business can benefit from sending handwritten thank you notes?

Here are some reasons why thank you notes can help with building your clients’ loyalty in your company.

Thank You Notes Humanize Brands

It’s been said many times before, but it’s worth repeating – people prefer to buy from people, and less from faceless brands. Studies have also proven that simply saying thank you in a handwritten thank you note or letter leads to customers spending more and returning less. They are also most likely to tell their friends about the excellent customer service a company provides. When customers see that they are doing business with real people who appreciate their business, they feel more inclined and consistently choose that brand over their competitors.

Handwritten Thank You Notes are perceived as Sincere

Handwritten thank you notes demonstrate gratitude, and your clients will take notice of this. If you are a small or large brand, chances are you’ve had clients who invested their trust in your brand dating back to your company’s inception. Let them know how appreciative you are for their loyalty by sending them handwritten thank you notes. This simple gesture will encourage their continued support of your brand. Be sure to let your recipients know why you are thanking them with your handwritten thank you notes. You can either send a thank you note with their purchase or thank them for calling in and speaking with customer service.

They Help Keep Brands Fresh in Clients’ Minds

While other brands will dedicate most of their focus on becoming a recognizable brand using quirky gimmicks, you will attract client loyalty just for saying thank you via your handwritten thank you notes. Your clients will remember your handwritten thank you note for up to 3 months after they receive it. Because of this, your clients will likely turn to your brand for products or services versus other brands who spend more time trying to get customers to buy then making a connection.

Handwritten Thank You Notes Make Clients feel Unique

Many consumers feel like they are in a large pool of clients or are just a number to brands. This feeling can make customers feel disconnected which can subsequently lead customers to decide not to do business with a company after just one or two purchases. With this in mind, remember to include a special message in your handwritten thank you note to your clients. When you do this along with follow the advice of letting your clients know why you are thanking them and addressing them by name, they will feel not only appreciated, but also special and important to your company.

Handwritten thank you notes can change the way you connect with your clients by building trust and cementing long-term relationships. When planning your next marketing campaign, include handwritten thank you notes to increase client loyalty.

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