How to use handwritten envelopes to help build a client list you can be proud of

Using Handwritten Envelopes to Build Your Client List


Today’s business owners and marketing professionals better understand the power of handwritten envelopes. With the goal of connecting with their clients, brands are going back to basics and are sending their direct mailers tucked in hand addressed envelopes.

Other professionals still question if handwritten letters make a difference in direct mail campaigns.

The answer is yes!

When John Schulte worked as an advertising and marketing professional at a bridal gown store, he added handwritten envelopes to the company’s direct mail campaign.

The campaign resulted in a high response rate, and customers said they opened the envelope because it was hand addressed.

Your clients, like many others, love to feel like they are being appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty.

Keep reading to learn some ways you can make the perfect client impression using handwritten envelopes.

Include a ‘Thank You’ note and special offers in your handwritten envelopes

Your customers will appreciate your mailers more if they see that you are sending your direct mail not only in handwritten envelopes but with added perks. When a special offer or even a note saying a simple “thank you” is sent in a hand addressed envelope, it illustrates to your customers that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to show your appreciation for their interests in what your company has to offer them.

Add a Hand Affixed Stamp

Hand affixed stamps add a touch of authenticity to handwritten envelopes. One of the goals, when it comes to communicating with your clients, is to make them feel as if you understand them and don’t just see them as an invoice number. While meter marks can make a brand seem impersonal, hand affixed live stamps on handwritten envelopes demonstrate that you can be professional and approachable.

Use a Blank Envelope

A blank envelope can be beneficial to your direct mail campaign for two reasons:

1. They are simple and
2. They often don’t resemble junk mail.

If what you are offering is a great product and service that can benefit an existing or potential client, it is very important that they get past opening your envelope. If your envelope is the first impression for a recipient, it must be a good one. Blank handwritten envelopes peeks interest, especially if the recipient’s name appears on it. Many of your clients don’t receive handwritten mail often so when they do, that mail will stand out in a pile.

Avoid mailing labels

Similar to avoiding windowed envelopes, you should also avoid mailing labels. Mailing labels are a bit dated and off-putting. When you label a return address, make sure your information is also handwritten. A handwritten return address will help increase your envelopes appeal to your clients. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that your recipient’s name is written on your envelope. Whether you choose to include a return address (or not) is up to you.

Including these important elements on your handwritten envelopes will help you stand out. It will also help you stand out as a company that your clients can return to for their product or service needs.

Because most people often try new things when it comes highly recommended, your satisfied clientele will help spread the word about your services and products. Word of mouth will help you to build a client list that will make you proud!

Hand addressing your envelopes on your own requires time, and you probably would like to spend your time brainstorming additional ways to increase your client list. Letter Friend can help you with this by hand addressing all of your envelopes.

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