Hand addressed direct mail creative and cheap ways to increase ROI

Hand Addressed Direct Mail

how handwritten direct mail can boost ROI without costing you an arm and a leg

hand addressed direct mail

Spam side effect is nearly eliminated with Hand Addressed Direct Mail marketing. We all are familiar with spam. We dealt with it, we get it, and continue to battle it. As consumers become more aware and build their memory schemas to filter out the noise and concentrate on only what is important, the decrease in open rates, return on investment and sales continue to be the trend.

Marketers as long as we know continue to struggle to make their content look less “spammy”.

Unless you have a huge budget and working with major marketing company then the only way to succeed in this saturated arena is by being creative.

This is where creativity and building strong relationships with small companies come into play. There are tons of creative ways that one can spin their direct mail campaign to capture attention, increase open rates and achieve the results without breaking bank. The answer lies in hand addressed direct mail campaigns.

These Hand Addressed Direct Mail services include:

  1. Handwritten envelopes,
  2. Letters,
  3. Sticky notes,
  4. Signatures,
  5. Affixing Live stamp

All the services mentioned above all have one thing in common… Personal Touch. Lets talk about the personal touch that disappeared after technology came and bullied everything and everyone during its’ great takeover. Aaron Lee social media expert realizes the importance of personal touch in marketing. We no longer focus on one thing at a time, we became the multitasking humans. To sit down and write a handwritten letter to a friend sounds a bit from the dinosaur age. Well, when it comes to marketing, hand address direct mail campaigns continue to win over when it comes to statistics in open rate.


Yes you still have to have a compelling message, you still have to capture the attention of your client, however in order to even get in the door, you need them to open your piece of mail.

Wondering where to start? we can help.

Here is a sample package that can serve as a Test Run for your hand addressed direct mail campaign.

What is included in this $1 package:

  • Handwritten Envelope
  • Our Stuff, Seal, and Mail service
  • Postage

Details: At only $1 per piece we will hand-write the recipients’ address on an envelope, we will stuff your content (1 page that you send to us), and mail it for you. Postage is included in this price. All you have to do is provide us with your mailing list, and content.

EMAIL US NOW: info@LetterFriend.com with a SUBJECT LINE: $1 SAMPLE PACKAGE


Convinced? but need something more than $1 package? Get a quote for a custom job.

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