Give your next marketing campaign a personable touch with these 4 tips

Why add a Personable Touch to a Marketing Campaign?


The issue many consumers have with most companies is that they aren’t personable. Their marketing campaigns talk at customers instead of with them, making customers feel like they’re being sold something.

This can be avoided by showing your customers, both existing and new, that they are doing business with real people. And you can do this by adding a personable touch to your next marketing campaign.

Keep reading to learn how.

Know Your Target Audience

To tailor your marketing campaign to your target audience, you must know who they are. This means understanding more than their age, gender, where they work and their family composition.

You also must know what they want, what their interests are and what they believe they need to make their lives easier.

Knowing this will allow you to market your products or services in a way that will resonate with your customers, making them believe that your product is something they want and need.

The best way to do this is by asking them via a survey on your website, in your mailed communication, or when they call in for customer service.

Hand-Address Sales Letters

Hand-addressing your sales letter is one of the best ways to add a personable touch to your marketing campaign.

Handwritten letters are rarely received by many of us today. And because of the time needed to write a letter, recipients instantly feel compelled to read the entire letter to see what it says and why the sender sent it.

Your customers will take notice of your genuine act, and if your product or service is targeted to a want or need, your customer will feel inclined to act on your call-to-action.

Include a Handwritten P.S. & Signature

Typed font letters fail to make the same impact that handwritten letters make on a recipient once mail is opened and read; however, if this is the option you’d like to go with, be sure to at least include a handwritten P.S. and signature.

The goal with your marketing campaign is to add a personable touch, and your recipient will connect better with your letter if it is signed by a real person. This will also give them some comfort in knowing that thought and consideration was taken in sending them this form of communication.

Including a handwritten P.S. will also humanize your letter. A P.S. is like an afterthought. And something that looks unplanned will be appreciated by your customers as the information included here will be to your customer’s benefit.

Your P.S. can include your call-to-action like a phone number to call for details or a website to visit to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.

Send Marketing materials via Hand-Addressed Colored Envelope

The envelope in your marketing campaign is essential and is the most important thing (next to your letter) that needs to grab your customer’s attention. One way to succeed at doing this is by hand-addressing the envelopes.

When you hand-address your envelopes, you reduce the chances of it being perceived as spam. Similarly, handwritten envelopes stand out in a pile of mail.

Another way to get your mail to stand out and catch your customer’s eye the moment they retrieve it, is by using envelopes with color.

Colored envelopes are typically used by senders the recipient already knows, like a friend or relative. Your colored envelope will instantly get your recipient’s attention as they’ll be curious to view what’s inside.

If you are looking for a way to add one of these personable touches to your next marketing campaign, Letter Friend is here to help.

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