Focus on Nurturing: Writing the perfect thank you


Thanking clients for their business is an art. You don’t want your handwritten thank you card to come off sounding like a form letter and you certainly don’t want it to sound like you’re sucking up.

How do you strike the right balance? How do you make a thank you letter sound sincere and genuine while still leaving things open to attracting more business from the client, without sounding like all you’re doing is pandering for more money? Here are four tips to help you compose a more effective thank you.

Tip 1: Be specific

Nothing says insincere, generic form letter more than being vague. Make sure to include unique details of your interaction so that the customer realizes you have taken the time to specifically thank them. For example:

Dear Mr. Michaels,

Thank you for taking the time on Wednesday to speak to me about your home security needs and for allowing me to present our Maxx Secure Solution as the best option.

If you are sending bulk thank yous, this may be difficult, in which case, choose a couple of details that can e easily slotted in, such as the day of the meeting, the security solution discussed, and so on.


Tip 2: Get personal

During any sales interaction, some personal information will come into play. Don’t be afraid to bring it up in your thank you. This shows that not only were you paying attention, but again reinforces the fact that you are taking the time to thank them specifically.

Congratulations again on your daughter’s engagement. Enjoy the wedding in July!

Of course, getting personal should also not be overly familiar. Don’t add how much you wish you could come to the wedding, for example! This is a customer, not a new BFF.

Tip 3: No questions unanswered

This one needs a bit more savvy. If the customer had a specific question about the product or service upon which the sale hinged, get that information to them ASAP, via email or phonecall; don’t wait for the handwritten thank you card to be sent out.

If, however, they had an off-hand question about something, you could use this opportunity to answer it. This can also be used for something personal – for example:

By the way, I remembered the name of that website which had the article about the history of Art Deco furniture…


I asked our director about how our company was named – I remember you were curious about that…


Tip 4: Open the door for more business

This is the section you want to treat with extreme care. You don’t want your letter to sound as if you’re only sending it to get more business, but you do actually want to generate some if possible. Rather than begging for business, turn it into an information-share, or frame it as presenting options. If you have an incentive scheme, so much the better.

I hope you are happy with your Maxx Secure Solution and that it will bring you many years of peace of mind. If you need anything more, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. If, however, you want to recommend us to friends or family, we have a referrals service on our website – you can post a generic referral or refer them direct to me. We offer a 5% rebate on your monthly subscription fee for every successful referral, up to 25% total.

Whatever you do, don’t rush the letter. Once you’ve done a few, you will get into the swing of it, but for your first few, take your time to get it right. Ask for a colleague’s opinion and be willing to rewrite.

Remember, also, that if you are using Letter Friend, we will always be there to help you craft the right letter, especially when you need bulk volume and still want to maintain the personal touch.