Incredibly effective ways you can use handwritten envelopes to increase your response rates

Why Handwritten Envelopes?


Handwritten envelopes have proven to increase response rates and a company’s overall sales. The reason for this is simple: the most important ingredient to a successful direct mail campaign relies on the effectiveness of the envelope it arrives in.

Think of it this way – if your envelope fails to grab your recipient’s attention, the chances of them tossing your envelope increases. And if your recipient tosses your envelope, they never get a chance to read or act on your offer even if your product or service can benefit their lives.

Below are just a few effective ways you can use handwritten envelopes to increase your response rates.

Handwrite a Special Note on the Back of the Envelope

While most of the focus should be on the front face of the envelope, including a personal note on the back of your handwritten envelope can increase your open rate as well as your response rates. For one, it’s unique. Not many brands include personal notes or utilize the back of their envelopes. Lastly, including a note on the back will spark your recipient’s curiosity, encouraging them to open your envelope to see what’s inside.

Use Blue Ink

Using blue ink on your handwritten envelopes versus black ink will increase the chances of your envelope getting opened and will positively affect response rates. Blue ink catches the eye and confirms that the envelope and the letter included inside was written by a real person and not a machine – which traditionally prints fonts in black. This will also increase trust in your company resulting in clients feeling inclined to do business with your brand.

Include Handwritten Teaser Copy

Great teaser copy gives your recipient a hint as to what they can expect when they open your envelope. It also promises that what they find within your envelope will either benefit their lives or fix a current issue they are having. Your teaser copy must be provocative. If you feel it isn’t, it is best to leave the teaser copy out. Examples of teaser copy can include a promise, free offers, samples or coupons for your products. You can handwrite the teaser copy on the envelope itself or attach a yellow sticky note. Yellow sticky notes used in this way is creative and will get your recipients attention due to the popularity and everyday use of sticky notes for reminders and to jot down important information. When done correctly, teaser copy can significantly increase response rates on handwritten envelopes.

Attach a Stamp

When most recipients see an envelope with a metered stamp on the top right corner of an envelope, they automatically feel that the person sending them the letter wants to sell them something. This can usually delay their interest in opening the envelope or worse, encourage them to toss it. Attaching a stamp to your envelope will make your mail appear personable. And because many other brands still use metered stamps on their envelopes, yours will stand out in a pile.

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